Attractive Lift Station with Shelter

Design Considerations for Pump Station Site-Fencing

Attractive Lift Station with Shelter

Romtec Utilities designs, engineers, and manufactures pump stations as all-in-one packages that meet the specific requirements of each project. Once the pump station is installed, the developer or contractor will often need to construct site-fencing around the system before it is deeded over to the final owner. Pump station site-fences are often so important that many public water authorities have well-defined design standards that need to be met before they will take ownership of them. Some of these requirements relate to the size and location of the site, but there are many other details that can greatly enhance the accessibility of the site, improve security, or prepare for future expansions to the system.

Beach Lift Station Control Building

Accessing the pump station is an important aspect in the design of a new site-fencing design. For many applications this means constructing a paved driveway that can accommodate large service trucks. This ensures that cranes and other truck mounted systems can pull up to the pump station to replace equipment or perform bypass pumping and other services. Providing easy access to the pump station is a benefit for operating personnel who need to physically visit sites frequently. Pump stations will often have expensive equipment that is partially exposed onsite, proper security is necessary to protect this equipment from vandalism and other damage.

Specifying a minimum height requirement for fencing and including barbed wire can greatly improve security and deter intruders from accessing the site. Adequate lighting can further enhance security and will benefit maintenance personnel conducting repairs after-hours. Another option is to pair lighting with cameras to allow personnel to remotely monitor pump station locations. Some municipalities will also dictate that pump station site-fencing be in clear view of main roads so police can easily scan sites for activity while on patrol. All of these options may not be possible on some sites, but including some security measures onsite is always a good idea.

Large Control Panel for Complex Lift Station

One final consideration when designing a new pump station site is to plan for the future. Many lift stations in growing residential areas will eventually need to be upgraded to meet higher flows from households. Romtec Utilities will often design pump stations so they can be upgraded without expanding upon the current system, but significant changes may be necessary in some applications. The addition of control buildings, catch basins, or other underground vaults may require more space than the initial site plans indicated. Whatever the reason is, it is always better to have more space and not need it than to not have enough when you do.

Wastewater Lift Station Enclosure with Generator and Crane

Good pump station site-fencing plans can offer numerous benefits to owners and operators of pump stations. Each location has unique requirements and these should be considered when designing a new site. This area of construction is typically outside of Romtec Utilities scope of supply, but we do prepare site plan layouts with the pump station equipment and can inform you of all the features that will be necessary to own and operate a lift station. Call us today and ask about our pump stations and how to design the best site-fencing for your site-specific system.

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