Hidrostal Prerostal Prerotation Basin

Creating a Prerotation Vortex for Pumping Systems

Romtec Utilities designs our lift stations to fit many applications. Some customers lean towards a simple system to fit their needs, but others opt for more complex systems with additional features. These features can extend the lifetime of a lift station and make maintenance easier.

The Hidrostal Prerostal Prerotation basin is one such feature that can be added to a lift station. For the City of Bakersfield, one of Romtec Utilities’ repeat customers, the prerotation basin from Flo-Systems, Inc., is an important facet in a lift station.

The Prerostal System is a self-cleaning wet well system that can be used in both waste and stormwater pumping applications. Hidrostal created the Prerostal System to remove floating materials, for reliability, and to be used in a variety of systems.

The prerotation basin would be housed in the sump of a system where the basin mold would be cast into the concrete sump base.  The design of the basin draws in water and debris that may collect at the bottom of the lift station, allowing the system to be cleared of any solids that could accumulate.

Solids in wastewater can build up and prevent the lift station from operating correctly.  Fats, oils, greases, and solids can accumulate on the mechanicals and cause clogs or component failure. Buildup on the floor of the wet well can negatively affect the pumps by impeding water intake, and may prevent the pumps from discharging water from the well.

Buildup can also affect the level sensing devices in the well. In cases where pumps cannot discharge or the level sensing fails, dangerous overflows can occur. By preventing the accumulation of solids, the Prerostal system extends the life of the lift station and the components inside the wet well, reducing the need for costly maintenance down the road.

Each system is designed to meet lift station requirements and can handle flows from 30 gallons per minute (gpm) to 40,000 gpm. This wide range allows the Hidrostal Prerostal System to be applied in a large number of pumping applications, both on the smaller and larger ends of the spectrum.

Prerotation basins can be cast in place in wet wells to reduce the amount of work that needs to be done on the job site. When prerotation basins are specified for a project, Romtec Utilities Production experts cast the basin into place at Romtec Utilities’ facilities. Casting the basin into the wet wells prior to shipment to the job site not only saves the contractor time but also assures that Romtec Utilities can perform quality checks.

Ensuring that the Prerostal basin is implemented and functioning as designed saves time, money, and stress for everyone involved, and allows the project to move ahead on schedule. It also ensures that the prerostal system will be able to handle solids as designed and keep the lift station clean.

One of Romtec Utilities’ strengths is meeting the specific requirements set by either the local reviewing agencies or by the end owner. One of these requirements for the City of Bakersfield is the addition of a Hidrostal Prerostal Pre-Rotation Basin from Flo-Systems, Inc. Romtec Utilities has supplied two lift stations with the Hidrostal Prerostal System from Flo-Systems, Inc. for the City of Bakersfield in the Ashe Rd. and Highgate Community projects.

The Hidrostal Prerostal Pre-rotation basin is one of the many bells and whistles that can be added to a lift station. It can affect the life of a lift station, particularly in wastewater laden with solids such as fats, oils, greases (FOGs), wet wipes, hygiene products, and more. Romtec Utilities is proud to be able to incorporate prerotation basins into our lift stations for our customers like the City of Bakersfield.

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