Wastewater Lift Station with Disconnect Panel and Existing Controls

Monitoring Pump Stations Remotely with Telemetry

Wastewater Lift Station with Disconnect Panel and Existing Controls

Romtec Utilities designs, engineers, and manufactures each pump station we supply to include all of the necessary components and systems for the requirements of each unique project. Municipalities and water authorities that operate and maintain pump stations typically have had to visit the site of each pumping system to check on them in the past. New pump station technologies eliminate the need for site visits by recording and communicating useful information to operations personnel in real-time using telemetry. There are many devices and technologies that constitute telemetry, choosing the right telemetry in your pump station offers many advantages throughout the life of the entire system.

Control Panel with Telemetry in the Form of an Auto Dialer

Telemetry in pump station controls includes many different components and communications systems. Depending on the location of the control panel, telemetry can convey information using landlines, cellular signals, internet, or over radio signals. With simple telemetry, data collected from sensors is transmitted and then displayed to the users of the system. Auto-dialers are a great example of simple telemetry. These get installed in the control panel and automatically place a call, send out a text, and/or sound an alarm when a predetermined condition has been met, like pump failure or high levels inside the wet well. This is a valuable tool for any pump station operator, but more advanced telemetry systems can be implemented to record and display data from the pump station.

SCADA systems are one example of more advanced telemetry, and it is used in a wide range of different industries and field applications. It stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. SCADA and other data collection systems like it collect information from multiple sensor components to record and display data to personnel. Information such as the flow rates, peak flow times, and fuel levels inside emergency generators can be a powerful resources for diagnosing many issues like line blockages and heavy sedimentation inside force mains. Pump station operators can use this information to identify the maintenance tasks that are needed and when they should be performed. What information is collected and conveyed to personnel is specific to the types of sensors present in the pump station and the programming of any data calculations.

Duplex Configuration of Pumps Inside a Wet Well

Sensors are one of several key components in the design of a pump station. Every system will typically include level sensors for detecting active liquid levels inside the wet well, but other detection equipment is commonly found in the design of a pump station. Flow meters, pressure gauges, and even moisture detectors for sensitive electrical components are all sensors that can record and report data for SCADA or another telemetry control system. Choosing the best combination of sensors for your pump station can be a difficult choice. This should be an informed decision that addresses the water being pumped, environmental factors, and any potential problems in your pumping application. Sensors can also be paired with programming to calculate additional measurements and conditions or to schedule maintenance needs.

Cellular Telemetry Installed on Lift Station Controls

Choosing the right telemetry and data logger systems is an important step in designing your pump station. Romtec Utilities includes these systems in our designs every day with our own electrical engineering experts. We can include any brand or type of telemetry components into the design of your new or existing pump station. Regardless of whether it’s a new pumping system or a retrofit of an existing lift station, Romtec Utilities will meet or exceed all of your telemetry needs. Call us today to speak with a Sales Engineer for more information on pump station telemetry in your system!

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  1. SSOE Group has designed a large above ground waste water pump station for the State of Tennessee in Covington TN. The station is an intermediate pump station in a 35 mile long treated waste water discharge line. We need a specification for a SCADA system to monitor status and alarms for (3) 300 HP VFD pumps and emergency generator. The system will monitor environmental conditions in the building and security of the site.

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