Pump Station Control Panel with Remote Management System

Common Electrical Control Configurations for Pump Stations

Pump Station Control Panel with Remote Management System

Romtec Utilities designs, supplies, and constructs complete turnkey pumping systems for all types of applications. Behind every pumping system is an electrical control panel. Each control configuration is unique and can be customized in virtually limitless ways. From the control device to the hardware, there are many options that can be considered and that range in both functionality and cost. Romtec Utilities typically proposes control configuration based on the best fit for an application, including the preferences of the end owner or customer. There are several common configurations that are used for reliable pump station electrical controls.

Simple Alternator Control Panel for Duplex or Higher Configurations

One of the increasingly popular options for control panel configurations is the Programmable Logic Controller or PLC. A PLC configuration is a robust, open platform controller that has many options for hardware, programming, and scalability. Additionally, PLCs utilize standardized programming language that makes it more accessible to a larger group of service providers. With a PLC, the owner or operator has more options for maintaining and servicing the control panel. Romtec Utilities is very familiar with PLC panels and can configure them for all types of pumping systems.

In contrast to PLCs, some pump stations require very basic or low-cost control devices. Romtec Utilities will typically provide a UL Listed panel in a basic alternator configuration. An alternator configuration utilizes an alternating relay that cycles between pump starts and stops on level. An alternator configuration can be configured for duplex and larger systems. It also offers a lot of the versatility of the PLC in terms of support and hardware options. Depending on the initial buildout, alternator panels can be scalable, but typically, cost is the driving factor for choosing this type of configuration.

Mission Control Monitoring Control Panel for Telemetry

The final common control configuration is almost always driven by owner preferences, and that is utilizing a proprietary control device. There are many brand name controllers available with comprehensive documentation and reliable performance records. For some pump station operators, the familiarity and positive experience with a specific control brand can create strong loyalty. Romtec Utilities can integrate any proprietary device into your control panel or pump station in order to get you the exact system you want. Proprietary controllers typically have fewer service and hardware options, but customers familiar with a brand will understand how to procure the right assistance for their specific needs.

Onsite Evaluation from Field Technician

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a control panel configuration, and each option offers its own advantages. Whether it is a PLC, an Alternator, or a proprietary controller, Romtec Utilities can design and supply a control panel suited to your specific application and needs. You can also get your panel with primary and backup controls and additional levels of redundancy built-in. To learn more about your options for selecting control panels, contact Romtec Utilities today, and speak with our industry experts about how to get the best control devices for your pump station application.

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