Pressure Relief Valve Assembly

Pressure Relief and Pressure Reducing Vaults

Romtec Utilities designs, engineers, manufactures, and supplies complete pumping systems for a wide range of applications. In addition to our full systems, Romtec Utilities also offers auxiliary systems that can be engineered and prefabricated for site-specific projects. We are now offering a new prefabricated product with complete pressure relief and pressure reducing vaults and assemblies, also called PRVs for short.

In a pressure system for sewer or water mains, there can be many reasons for spikes or surges in pressure. A common scenario is when pump stations share a force main. As each pump station starts and stops, it can create changes in the force main pressure. Overly high pressure can have negative impacts for any water main by stressing valves, couplings, seals, and even the piping material itself. One approach to mitigate these high pressure fluctuations is through the use of pressure reducing valves.

A pressure relief or pressure reducing valve can help a force main avoid the negative effects of too much water pressure in the system, and there are different methods for how to accomplish pressure reductions. A pressure reducing valve is typically designed to help a water main operate at a consistent pressure by diverting excess pressure through a separate piping channel. This reduces the pressure in the system without slowing or impeding the normal function of the water or force main.

A pressure relief valve can be thought of as a valve that is more suited to quickly alleviating high spikes in pressure. If a force main is suddenly shut off by a valve, a pressure spike can occur. This is just one example that can cause catastrophic “water hammer” effect. In this scenario, a reducing valve may not be able to handle the full pressure of the hammer. Instead, a relief valve is set to release or burst at a specified high pressure, instantly expelling the high-pressure water or sewer. These valves can be one-time use items that require, but most are spring loaded or have an automatic throttling device that stays in operation after a pressure spike.

Romtec Utilities can engineer our vaults and above-grade assemblies with any type of pressure relief or pressure reducing valve suitable for your application or preferences. Our vaults are available in precast concrete, fiberglass, or even polymer concrete, and they can be designed to drain or pump back into a system after pressure releases. Romtec Utilities can also engineer PRVs to include any other type of valve, meter, or access port required in the assembly.

All of our engineered products come with complete design and engineering drawings to meet the approval of your site-specific project goals. Whether you need to regulate a consistent pressure or prevent damage from a potential surge, Romtec Utilities can provide a prefabricated and site-specific PRV to fit any project needs. Check out our new product page for more information!

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