Armorock Polymer Concrete with Label

Precast Polymer Concrete

Armorock Polymer Concrete with Label

Romtec Utilities designs, engineers, manufactures, and supplies pump stations with all structural, mechanical, electrical, and communications systems included. On the overwhelming majority of pump stations, Romtec Utilities uses precast concrete for the structural components of the pump station. Recently, precast polymer concrete has become a growing product in the industry for specifying structural components, and Romtec Utilities can engineer new pump stations with this exciting material.

Precast polymer concrete is similar to precast concrete. The primary difference is that typical concrete uses a binding agent of Portland cement while polymer concrete uses polymers such as polyethylene, resins, and many others. The aggregate for the precast materials in concrete or polymer can be the same, but polymer materials can use many other types that are not suitable for cement. Aggregate used for precast polymer concrete, however, must be clean and free from dust during mixing or it can result in a weak bond of the materials. It is always a good idea to use a precaster with a good reputation and reliable documentation for its products.

Precast Polymer Concrete Wet Well Piece

Polymer concrete offers many benefits for pump station owners. One of the biggest benefits is that polymer concrete is resistant to many chemicals and corrosive conditions, namely hydrogen sulfide gas. It is also highly resistant to temperature, such as freezing and thawing cycles. This prevents the need for adding coatings and liners, and it also gives precast polymer concrete a long life cycle. Armorock, a precast polymer concrete manufacturer, offers a 50 year warranty on its materials due to its longevity in the field.

Another benefit of Polymer Concrete is that it offers fast lead times because it cures at a faster rate than cement. Polymer concrete is slightly lighter than conventional concrete and it offers much higher strength. This means that precast polymer concrete can be manufactured with thinner materials, offering a much lighter overall weight. This makes it easier to lift onsite as well as move and install, since polymer concrete can be installed in the same conventional process as traditional concrete. The lighter overall weight also can reduce shipping costs for the structural materials.

Durable Polymer Concrete Ready for Installation

Precast polymer concrete is an exciting new material for the construction of structural wet wells and vault components for pump stations. Romtec Utilities can design any new pump or lift station to include precast polymer concrete. Contact Romtec Utilities today to learn more about this material and to see if it will work for your new pumping system project.

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