Installed Package Lift Station for Conveying Wastewater to Treatment

Purchasing Pump Stations with Contracts, Award Schedules, and Cooperatives

Installed Package Lift Station for Conveying Wastewater to Treatment

Romtec Utilities provides complete pumping systems that include all structural, all mechanical, all electrical, and all communications systems through a single purchase. We work in a wide range of industries that include municipal, commercial, and industrial clients for many different pumping applications and solutions. Working in multiple industries requires meeting different regulations and requirements for completing a project. One advantage of Romtec Utilities is our available procurement options that serve purchasers from several different large industries.

Stormwater Pump Station in Landscaped Flower Bed

What is a procurement contract? The answer to this question is likely known by purchasing agents, but for engineers, contractors, or operations personal, procurement contracts might not be an area of experience. Procurement contracts are negotiated agreements for prices that make purchasing easier, especially when avoiding public bids. States often refer to these as award schedules. Private agencies and agencies serving in the same industry can also join purchasing cooperatives. The cooperative will negotiate prices for its members to provide them the best possible price for products used in that industry. In each example, the vendor submits information and pricing and the information gets reviewed. Then, the pricing is agreed to and set forth in a contract that is available to all members or authorized organizations.

Why use a procurement contract? Most procurement contracts were established to help public agencies avoid the pitfalls of competitive bidding. In a competitive bid, the lowest bidder is awarded the project, but in many cases, the awarded bidder cannot meet the specification with its bid. This can lead to change orders, project delays, legal battels, and sometimes bankruptcy. Many times, this comes at the cost of the public. Additionally, competitive bids take ample time and resources to execute. Procurement contracts bypass all of this and allow for direct purchase immediately, and every price has been rigorously vetted as competitive for the specific product. Thing this process was created to help public agencies, many private organizations are finding that procurement contracts mitigate many purchasing risks with more reliable vendors and pricing.

Site Specific Lift Station with Large Valve Vault Installed Underground

Am I eligible to buy through a procurement contract? There are many contracts, schedules, and cooperative available, and Romtec Utilities is always expanding our ability to sell through these organizations. The best way to find out if you are eligible for our procurement contracts is to talk to our Sales staff. Our team is able to help you find out the best contract for your organization and recommend a path toward getting the best pricing possible on your new pumping systems. Our current contracts represent federal, state, and private purchasers in many different industries.

Stormwater Pump Station Discharging into Groundwater Retention Basin

Pump Stations are complex pieces of engineering that include many different options for the completed system. Romtec Utilities offers years of expertise that have allowed our products to be competitively priced for many different sizes, configurations, and applications. Working with your unique criteria for design, our Sales and Engineering teams can help many customers get the best pump stations available through one of our competitive procurement contracts. If you have any questions, you can view our Government procurement page for our available list of public contracts, or contact our Sales Team to learn about more purchasing options.

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