Three Prefabricated Valve Aseemblies Being Placed

The Advantages of a “Turnkey” Pumping System

Three Prefabricated Valve Aseemblies Being Placed

Romtec Utilities designs and supplies pump stations for all types of applications, including all structural, mechanical, electrical, and communications systems in a single package. Many municipalities and private companies trust Romtec Utilities with a large number of pumping system projects due to our complete package and wide-ranging expertise. A growing area of value for Romtec Utilities customers is our growing ability to offer full construction and installation services on our pumping systems nationally. Often times this is referred to as turnkey construction because all the owner must do is “turn the key” on the final product. Here are some advantages of our process.

Contractors Racing to Assemble a Wet Well Before Groundwater is too High

The first advantage is related to the cost of the total pumping system project. Working with a single partner through the design and engineering phase, the production and delivery phase, and the construction and commissioning phase consolidates costs. Working with different companies means there is added mark-up in each phase of products and services. It also means there is no single agency with the ability to impact the price as other organizations control their scope. Turnkey construction for a pumping system allows Romtec Utilities to control the entire process and find savings that would not be possible otherwise.

In addition to cost, another tremendous advantage with turnkey construction services is the increased quality control of the system. Romtec Utilities production personnel and engineer staff have expertise is all aspects of our systems. This allows for easy troubleshooting during production. At times, sending a system into the field can lead to contractors who are not familiar with specific components or who do no understand certain aspects of the scope. Sometimes, this is a necessity to work around due to timelines and the contractor’s schedule, requiring field work. When Romtec Utilities is handling the construction, we control the timeline and delivery schedule and can ensure the factory application and fabrication of required features in a controlled environment.

Crane Installing Concrete Wet Well for New Lift Station

One more advantage with turnkey construction services is the lead time of the system. Much like the system cost, a single supplier for the complete project can have much more significant impact on the timeline of the project. With a turnkey pump station, Romtec Utilities can impact product, delivery, installation, and commissioning/testing of the completed system. In other project, these steps must be negotiated to keep a timeline on track, but it can be difficult for any single agency to impact the timeline from start to finish with out total control of the project. Turnkey construction allows the customer to control every phase of the project by proxy through Romtec Utilities as a partner.

Simple Pump Station Installation with Prefabricated Vault

Turnkey Construction requires a lot of understanding. It requires understanding about pumping systems and how they are installed. It requires understanding about several styles of construction like below grade or caisson. It also requires a deep knowledge of national markets and the contractors and suppliers who operate in specific regions. In many places nationally, utilizing existing networks of subcontractors, shippers, and suppliers is the best way to impact cost and timeline expectations. Romtec Utilities has built relationships across the country to be able to reliably offer all the advantages of turnkey construction services on all of our pump station products.

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