Stormwater Pump Station Rendering

Romtec Utilities Water Treatment and Rainwater Harvesting

Stormwater Pump Station Rendering

Many new changes are being added to the Romtec Utilities website, and one of the newest changes is the addition of our water treatment section. This line of products from Romtec Utilities is growing, and the first new water treatment systems are Rainwater Harvesting skids. Our skids are designed for clients who want to collect rainwater and use it for irrigation, water infrastructure, and other non-potable water uses. This water still must be safe, however, in the event of accidental consumption and requires basic treatment. The Romtec Utilities rainwater harvesting skid provides the final treatment for collected rainwater that can be pumped to many different applications.

Rainwater harvesting is becoming a popular practice for many organizations, especially in urban environments. A common approach is to use a large subterranean collection system with physical filtration to collect rainwater and filter it. Frequently, however, this water is not safe for consumption. This water is used to irrigate corporate landscaping, flush toilets, or clean equipment and not for consumption. The problem is that animals and children may accidentally consume water from these applications and become ill. That is why it is a good practice –and one that is becoming more regulated– to increase the level of treatment in rainwater harvesting beyond simple physical filtration.

Triplex Pump Skid by Romtec Utilities

One aspect of rainwater harvesting is the conveyance of the water after it is collected and filtered. Rainwater collection systems almost always require pumping to move the water after the filtration on to its final use. Romtec Utilities has designed and supplied many pump stations for just this purpose. Our rainwater harvesting skids can be provided with a pumping system or without if one exists onsite. This moves the water from the physical filters through the treatment skid and on to storage or its final use.

The Romtec Utilities rainwater harvesting skid utilizes different technologies to treat the rainwater to a safe level. These technologies include ultraviolet light treatment to kill biological contaminants and chemical injectors to neutralize and/or remove chemical and mineral contaminants. These components work in combination with a small, secondary physical filter to remove the dead biological contaminants and the treated chemical/mineral contaminants. The end product is water with a much safer chemistry, though it is still non-potable. This allows organizations to get all of the environmental and ecological benefits of utilizing a rainwater reuse system without posing a significant hazard by accidental consumption scenarios.

Double Wall Fiberglass Basin

Romtec Utilities designs and supplies rainwater harvesting skids for each site-specific application with all structural, mechanical, and electrical components and systems included. Additionally, Romtec Utilities can include these skids with a pumping system for any new or existing rainwater collection system with large-scale physical filtration. You can learn more about this product by visiting the new water treatment section of the Romtec Utilities website. Contact us for more information about this product and to learn more about the new water treatment products currently in development.

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