Flow Meter in Wastewater Lift Station

Flow Meters and Meter Vaults

Flow Meter in Wastewater Lift Station

Romtec Utilities manufactures complete meter vaults for all types of pumping systems. Meters are necessary in a lot of different pumping applications. These devices allow pump station operators to easily learn about certain conditions of the system. Meters provide data on flow rates, discharge volume, line pressure, water chemistry, and other measurable conditions. Romtec Utilities can design and supply meter vaults with any type of metering device that your system requires.

The most common metering device used for pump and lift stations is the flow meter. Principally, flow metering devices identify the speed and volume that water moves downstream through the system. There are three primary technologies used for flow meters: differential pressure meters, positive displacement meters, and magnetic meters.

Flow Meter with an Air Release Valve

Differential pressure meters utilize principals of fluid dynamics to measure the effects of restricting the pipe diameter. The restriction of the pipe creates three pressure zones that can be measured to determine the flow through the restricted area. This process can be measured mechanically and/or electronically.

Positive displacement meters use the movement of the fluid to displace an object that can measured. The easiest example of this type of meter is a simple waterwheel for an old mill. As the flow increases, the waterwheel spins faster. There are several other additional types of positive displacement meters such as diaphragms and rotary vanes. The reacting motion can be measured mechanically or electronically.

Insulated Valve Assembly with Magnetic Flow Meter

Magnetic meters use sensors to disperse a magnetic field into the force main. This section of the force main needs to be electrically insulated to not interfere with the magnetic field. As the fluid passes perpendicular to the magnetic flux lines, a potential difference is created from the electromagnetic ions. More simply stated the water atoms create voltage as they pass through the magnetic field. The strength of the resulting charge indicates the flow rate. This meter type can only be measured electronically.

Romtec Utilities designs, manufactures, and supplies meter vaults to function with new and existing pumping systems. Our meter vaults can be included with a pump or lift station, a booster pump station, a treatment system, or as a standalone product to add to your pumping system. Romtec Utilities can configure your meters to work with your control panel or simply supply the meter vault for your own personnel to install. Romtec Utilities meter vaults can also be included as a part of a complete system repair and retrofit. Whatever needs you have for water metering, Romtec Utilities can provide the solution.

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