The Advantages of Coordinated Delivery

Romtec Utilities designs, supplies, and manufactures pump stations for all types of applications, including wastewater, stormwater, clean water, and industrial process water. Our pumping systems are designed as complete packages with all individual systems included and delivered to the job site ready for installation. Many of the processes and services Romtec Utilities offers have been developed in response to previous projects and fine-tuned to provide our customers with the best and most reliable pump stations. Coordinated delivery is one service that we offer that provides distinct advantages for installing contractors and owners of a new pumping system.

Pump stations are intricate products that comprise many individual systems working together to convey water from point A to point B. Manufacturing and delivering these systems on a schedule requires coordination with multiple vendors and freight companies. Romtec Utilities has developed relationships with many different vendors across the United States that allow us to schedule deliveries with extremely accurate results and few claims. On-time deliveries are extremely important for pump stations, and in many situations, contractors are on-site, ready to receive materials with full crews that are paid to work. Delays at this stage can quickly become expensive.

When Romtec Utilities prepares a pump station for delivery, we organize the system into a series of staged shipments and pallets. The first shipments to arrive at the install site are the materials the contractor will need first. Shipments can then be organized as they arrive onsite for easy access once installation begin. Often times, structural components, including wet well and utility vault sections, are installed immediately from the delivery trucks. Romtec Utilities prefabrication and staging of these components assists with the ease of this operation, ensuring receiving and Q/C work can be completed without slowing down then install crews.

Installation of a Super Deep Wet Well in New Residential Development

Another aspect of our coordinated delivery process is providing an itemized inventory list with each shipment or pallet. Romtec Utilities develops lists of all items contained in each delivery. This includes both documents and photographs of the shipment to verify conditions at loading and unloading. This documentation protects our clients, the freight companies, and our onsite technicians from any ambiguity at delivery. Once the delivery trucks arrive at the job site, an on-site contractor can quickly review inventory lists for each shipment before accepting the delivery and proceeding with installation.

Cost Savings on Prefabricated Assemblies

Coordinated deliveries with Romtec Utilities are just one of the services we offer with our complete pump stations. These pump stations can be complicated to contractors unfamiliar with the individual systems and components of the station. This can also apply to the process by which the station is delivered and received onsite. Each Romtec Utilities coordinated delivery is reviewed and documented prior to leaving our production yard to ensure that every system arrives on-schedule and ready for installation. Contact Romtec Utilities today for information about pump stations and how our coordinated delivery can benefit your project!

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