Prefabricated Valve Assembly in Valve Vault

The Tremendous Value of a Comprehensive Pump Station Scope

Prefabricated Valve Assembly in Valve Vault

Romtec Utilities is a national engineer for all types of pumping systems in private and public applications, but our scope of products and services goes way beyond engineering. Romtec Utilities provides all structural, all mechanical, all electrical, and all communications systems for complete pumping system packages. With the engineering and supply, our scope is fairly robust, but Romtec Utilities goes even further to ensure the success of our systems and our customers. Our scope includes a number of built-in benefits that can go unnoticed at times but that are very valuable and important for successful pumping system projects.

Romtec Utilities Team Cores All Necessary Holes Prior to Delivery

One benefit begins during production. Romtec Utilities provides a high-degree of prefabrication and quality control on many pumping system components. This work helps speed up labor in the field and ensures that components arrive ready for installation. Prefabrication work also helps our production crews review and document our scope of supply. Each stage of the installation process is palletized, documented, sealed, and labeled for delivery. As these shipments arrive onsite, each construction phase has simple 1-2-3 labeled units that organize the process of unloading and opening the pump station components. This work helps contractors easily review, organize, and utilities the shipped components, and Romtec Utilities provides another service during this phase that is also helpful.

At each construction site, Romtec Utilities provides a construction advisor. The role of our advisor is not to assist with any construction work but rather to be a resource for the installing contractor. As the staged shipments arrive, our advisor can help the contractor understand each shipment as it corresponds to the system design. Our advisor also shares familiarity with our documentation to help speed up the work onsite. Large engineering specifications can be cumbersome to review, especially in the field. An expert onsite provides a big advantage with speed and understanding. They also act as a valuable liaison between the installation crew and the Romtec Utilities office to discuss any questions or issues. This same benefit also extends to the finalization of the pump station.

Installation of Concrete Wet Well for Large Power Company

Each pump station is commissioned by a Romtec Utilities field technician. We refer to this as our “start-up services,” but these services go beyond simply starting up the system. Our start-up services ensure the system runs as designed and required once it’s installed. These services also provide a great opportunity for testing and training. In other words, our technician will test varying system conditions to demonstrate how the pump station will function. The system owners and operators are present for this work and also receive valuable training for how to handle specific conditions and also simply understand the basic functionality of the system. This training is accompanied with Operation & Maintenance documentation for continued use through the life of the system.

Romtec Utilties Personnel Configuring Control Panel

Romtec Utilities provides the very best pumping systems in large part because of our comprehensive scope of supply and services. This extra work is well worth it for us and our customers because it is so reliable for completing successful projects. It is due to this reliability that Romtec Utilities is able to warranty all of our completed pump stations. We know that our systems will get done correctly with any requirement in any location because we assist from the first designs all the way until the system is in full operation.

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