Romtec Expert Startup Technicians Assist in the Startup on Site

Pump Station Startup

Wastewater Pumping System

Before a pump station can be commissioned into service, it’s necessary to perform a successful startup of the system. For each of our pump station packages, Romtec Utilities sends one of our expert start-up technicians to the jobsite to assist the contractor with the startup.

Startup services are typically a two-day process, with the first day covering the pump installation, electrical wiring to the control panel, checking all plumbing and equipment, and startup of the system. The second day is dedicated to training personnel on the operation and maintenance of the pump station.

During startup, Romtec startup technicians are on a job site with multiple construction personnel and/or companies, and there are times when the contractors will prefer to handle the equipment and operate the system. In these cases, our startup technicians will guide and assist the electricians and construction crews while ensuring that all safety and operational guidelines are followed.

High Voltage Electrical System for Pumps

Day 1: Checking and Testing the Control Panel and Pumps

On the first day of startup, Romtec’s Expert Technician checks every component in the system to ensure that they are installed correctly and in the proper location. This includes:

  • Verifying that all equipment is correct for the job and in good working order.
    – This step seems simple, but can save time and avoid costly troubleshooting down the line if something is wrong.
  • Checking the Control Panel, including verification of incoming power and a visual inspection.
  • Performing electrical tests on pumps, as well as the level sensors in the system.
    – Testing the pumps ensures proper flow and function and makes sure that there is no electrical leakage.
  • Checking the pumps to verify that they are correctly situated and connected to the guide rail.
    – Pumps are a major component of the system and can be incredibly heavy pieces of equipment. The guide rails in our systems guide the pumps into the wet well during placement and remain in place to hoist the pumps out of the well for maintenance or replacement. This is always done with a crane to guarantee the safety of maintenance personnel.
  • Checking all the sensors, switches, indicators, and alarms to ensure that communication systems are working properly.
  • Performing “draw down” and system operational tests.
    – The wet well is filled with water and discharged to confirm the pumping rate for each pump, primary level sensing control and system response, secondary level sensing control and system response, and trigger and observe the system responding to a high-level warning.
  • Documenting everything that is done.
    – Romtec Utilities Startup technicians carry a report with them in which they document and verify all information about a system compared with the approved plans and documents and note any variances or problems that arise on the job site. In this report, they document dates, serial numbers, and who was trained. They also get “sign off” after the system has been started and training has been completed. In addition to the written records, our technicians take pictures during their time at the job site for visual documentation.
Trammel Crow Residential Wastewater Station

Day 2: Training the Maintenance Technicians

Day two of startup is dedicated to training the personnel who will be maintaining the lift station. While Romtec Utilities does what we can to ensure that our systems are easy to operate and maintain, pump stations can inherently be complex pieces of infrastructure.

Start-up technicians begin the morning with a presentation style meeting in which they cover the diagrams, specific of the station, terms and definitions, and purposes for smaller, lesser-known components in the well.

After the presentation, technicians lead the crew through a hands-on training at the pump station where they explain buttons, switches, labels, and indicators on the control panel. Technicians also explain what to check for maintenance and discuss any flaws that may occur within the first few weeks of operation. Before our technicians leave, they make sure that everyone knows to call Romtec if problems arise; Romtec Utilities is dedicated to our customers and ensures that our pump stations are fully operational.

Romtec Utilties Personnel Configuring Control Panel

A successful startup is an important landmark in a project. After a pump station has been successfully started, and personnel have been trained, Romtec Utilities pump stations enter the warranty phase of the project and can be commissioned into service.

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