Electrical Control Panel with Alarm

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Electrical Control Panel with Alarm

There is an old joke in the lift station industry.

“Operators say that 95% of all lift station problems are electrical, but that’s simply not true. It’s really 99%!”

While this joke is clearly an exaggeration, it does bear some truth in that lift stations are very reliant on robust controllers and proper electrical configurations in order to function properly. Controllers that experience problems lead to lift stations that function improperly, which can cause all sorts of difficulties. Romtec Utilities can repair and retrofit all types of lift station controllers to help owners and operators maintain fully functional pumping systems.

Initial Start Up of Control Panel

Control panels can get worn down over time and may require repairs. These repairs can range from simply replacing failing components to finding and repairing a source of recurring problems. These types of problems can occur as a result of past redesigns, the age of the controller or its enclosure, or components operating past their life expectancy. Romtec Utilities offers expertise in the design, manufacture, and operation of pump and lift station control panels, and our expertise can also be used to conduct control panel repairs for a long-term solution to a failing or faulty control panel.

Sometimes control panels need to be serviced beyond a simple repair. In these circumstances, it is sometimes possible to retrofit an existing panel without needing to replace it. A common scenario is when an aging control panel utilizes components that are no longer available or are difficult to find in the market. In these scenarios, replacing failing components can be difficult or impossible, making it preferable to retrofit the panel to utilize newer technologies that are readily available from reliable manufacturers. Romtec Utilities makes sure this is the case and that a control panel retrofit is more than a quick fix.

A Very Safe and Relaible Control Panel

Retrofits may also be a good option for lift stations that have been recently updated or to update the telemetry of a control panel, such as integrating with a new or existing SCADA system. In these situations, it is imperative to use a company with substantial lift station experience. Understanding the complete breadth of lift station components is very important to make sure a control panel retrofit will function correctly with any new pumps, level devices, flow meters, or other system components that have been added. The same goes for understanding SCADA systems and how to properly integrate existing controls.

Romtec Utilities completes repair and retrofit services by training your staff and personnel in the operation and maintenance of the control panel. Our training services are a key aspect of providing long-term control panel solutions. We make sure your staff has the necessary knowledge and resources to keep your pump or lift station controller working great.

Romtec Utilities offers some of the most complete expertise available when it comes to lift station control panels. Our services for repairing and retrofitting control panels is a great advantage to lift station owners and operators. In light of the old joke, Romtec Utilities control panel repair and retrofit services can solve 99% of your lift station problems!

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