Constructed Pump Station in Industrial Setting

Romtec Utilities Services after Purchasing a Pump Station

Constructed Pump Station in Industrial Setting

Romtec Utilities designs, manufactures, and supplies pump and lift stations for all types of applications. Our services start at the very beginning of the design phase, but just as important, our services run all the way through the final commissioning of the system. These services are one of the many ways that Romtec Utilities distinguishes ourselves from any competition in this discipline and marketplace. With Romtec Utilities, you are not just purchasing a product. You are getting a partner to assist you with your pumping system from beginning through the warranty period and beyond. We offer many services after your system is purchased, so here is a look at some of the more important services we provide all our customers.

Romtec Utilities Worker Assembling Site-Specific Valve Assembly

The first major service that Romtec Utilities provides after you purchase a pump station is the prefabrication of primary system assemblies. For systems with wet well, this typically involves mounting discharge elbows and guide rails mounting brackets. Discharge assemblies can be almost entirely prefabricated. Above or below grade, valve, meters, ports, ARVs, PRVs, and other components get completely installed into a vault or onto a skid assembly. For these discharge assemblies, Romtec Utilities also pressure tests the assembly to make sure that there are no leaks in the fittings. Once onsite, the entire assembly can be installed as a single unit, only requiring final piping and electrical connections.

The prefabricated assemblies make installation an easy-to-follow and straightforward process, but Romtec Utilities also provides the added service of an onsite construction adviser to answer questions during installation. Our adviser is not a member of the contractor crew. Their job is to help the installing contractor troubleshoot unforeseen site conditions, understand the full scope of the package, and prevent any errors with unique or site-specific components. Our install advisers serve as onsite contacts to speed up the communication and resolution of any and all issues related to the pumping system. They also confirm the installation was correctly completed so that Romtec Utilities can warranty the system for the owner.

Contractors Installing Pumps in Pump Station

After fabrication and install, Romtec Utilities typically provides complete start-up services for commissioning the system. Some owners utilize specific pump or SCADA technicians for these services, and Romtec Utilities will then participate in an advisory capacity. Our start-up technician, after commissioning the system, will test various controls, sensors, and pumping scenarios to verify the correct operation of the system. Finally, the owner or operator of the system will receive training services from our technician. This provides a smooth transition from completing a system to understanding how to maintain and operate the pump station for its operational lifespan.

Finally, Romtec Utilities offers a dedicated warranty coordinator who will process any claims or issues during the warranty period. This coordinator will render advice and troubleshooting solutions as complimentary services all the way up to scheduling on-site field work for repairs, replacements, and other warranty scenarios. Romtec Utilities offers many coordination services even beyond the warranty period. Our expertise is our pleasure to share with our customers to help them have hassle-free pump station ownership.

Romtec Utilties Personnel Configuring Control Panel

Too often with pumping systems, vendors, engineers, contractors, and service reps are not able or willing to provide complete services after you purchase a pump station. There may be one contact for one scenario, another contact for issues related to the electrical, and many other contacts for specificities. With Romtec Utilities, we centralize and simplify your communications to a single source, providing you direct access to experts who understand every aspect of your pumping system. Contact Romtec Utilities today to ask about our complete services to see how our personnel and experience can benefit your next project!

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