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What Does Romtec Utilities Prefabricate?

You might be wondering what all Romtec Utilities prefabricates on their package pumping systems.

Romtec Utilities prefabricates all necessary components of the the pumping systems we design and supply for our customers. Our pump stations come with a high level of prefabrication due to the unique nature of every project that we create in partnership with the owners, project engineers, and other vendors.

Each system is designed based on the specifications and requirements associated with the project. In most pump station projects; the system will be too large to prefabricate the entire pump station and then ship it to the job site. Therefore, we prefabricate the parts that can be done and delivered safely.

Prefabricated pump stations are a great advantage for owners and contractors as they reduce installation time and equipment requirements.

Prefabricated Pump Station Assemblies

Packaged pump stations typically contain several large assemblies. There is the pump assembly, the valve assembly, the control panel, and many other potential auxiliary assemblies.

Complete Valve Assemblies

Romtec Utilities designs, manufactures, and supplies complete valve assemblies that can be installed above grade or below grade in a prefabricated concrete vault. The valve assemblies are designed for specific water conditions like wastewater or stormwater and pumping requirements like flow, dynamic-head, and force main pressure.

The valve assemblies are delivered prefabricated, and pressure tested for leaks with every component completely installed. Basically, you’re getting a finished unit that is ready for installation and guaranteed to hold pressure once connected to your pumping system.

As Romtec Utilities does the engineering of the valve assembly, we also house the complete assembly in a valve vault that is made of steel, fiberglass, or precast concrete.

Instituting the design features you want in a space that you can work in is something that Romtec Utilities does for each valve assembly we deliver.

If there are specific components or special needs, we can accommodate those things into the design and fabrication of a reliable valve assembly.

Auxiliary Vault Structure

Vault assemblies are composed of valves, meters, air release valves, pressure relief valves, pumping ports, pigging ports, and other components. Creating a good vault structure for your auxiliary system is vital to a good pump station.

Having an auxiliary vault that is separate and safer to access than the well structure benefits personnel. Romtec Utilities specializes in providing accessibility to these components for maintenance while thinking about the space and overall design of the vault.

Romtec Utilities prefabricates the vault along with installing all of the vault assemblies ensuring the system is set up for success as it arrives for installation.

Shipment Preparations for Pumping System

Muffin Monsters Prefabricated Mold

Typically, Muffin Monsters in the gravity flow line require a specific channel mold that must be poured on site. For specific projects, such as the PDX TCORE project, Romtec Utilities explores ways to save time in construction by prefabricating this component. Custom, prefabricated basins allow for an easy, fast installation, and a smaller footprint than traditional installation methods.

Romtec Utilities’ engineers were able to design a prefabricated mold that places the muffin monster into a manhole. Inside the channel, the Muffin Monster sits on guide rails to allow for easy lifting of the Muffin Monster for maintenance and access. This pre-cast method for the Muffin Monsters allows Romtec to perform all pre-work and quality control checks prior to arriving on site.

Control Panels

Romtec designs and prefabricates all aspects of the control panel for a pumping system. The control panel can be simple as alternating relays and as complex as industrial-grade program logic controllers (PLC’s) with color human-machine interfaces (HMI’s). We design the control panel to fit your maintenance and notification requirements.

Romtec also tests the control panel system to ensure its proper operation before it is sent to the project site for installation.

Prefabrication Saves Time at Install

The key to good, prefabricated pump stations is to understand each assembly, how it all works together, and how it will be installed onsite.

With this level of expertise and understanding, Romtec Utilities can specify in detail the complete scope of the prefabrication work as well as the scope of the work that will need to be completed at the time of installation.

Since we prefabricate the systems ourselves, it allows us to stand behind every project as we certify and test its operation before it reaches its project destination. Romtec Utilities always sends an installation technician to our job sites when each system is delivered to help with any questions about the assemblies, installation, or specifications.

Romtec Utilities is committed to prefabricated pump systems as our expertise and knowledge helps us deliver a reliable system once it reaches its project destination.

To learn more about what Romtec Utilities prefabricates, contact our sales team today at

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