Lift Station with Generator

Control Buildings for Pump Stations in Idaho

Lift Stations and Booster Stations Benefit From
Control Buildings in Cold Climates

Lift Station with Generator

Romtec Utilities has the expertise and knowledge to supply both lift stations and control buildings, and in the harsher climates of Idaho, a control building can be an essential piece of the station. Idaho is home to a variety of environments across the state that can experience harsh winters with thick blankets of snow. A control building can protect lift station or booster station components from Idaho’s most unforgiving environments.
Control buildings serve many purposes and have numerous benefits, including improved safety, ease of maintenance, and security for the water district and maintenance staff who will be managing the operation of the station. The warmth and shelter of a control building can be incredibly beneficial for maintenance staff. When the need for maintenance arises, staff will be able to work in a secure environment out of the elements, protecting them from dangerous low temperatures and winter storms.

Wastewater Lift Station with Control Building and Chemical Feed Odor Control

In the control building, the maintenance staff will be working in a secured environment in the events of mid-night emergencies or those cold winter nights. With the ability to lock the door on the control building, staff can expect to enter the building and perform their work with minimal distraction from unauthorized personnel (or wildlife) coming onto the site or into the building.
Ultimately, providing the safety and security of a control building will allow staff to solve any issues both safely and quickly with their focus directed on the problem because control buildings allow greater control over the area.
A control building provides security for equipment and staff. Control cabinets can be locked, but without a control building they are still subject to vandalism. This can also be true for odor control systems, generators, and other on-site features. Placing these items inside a locked control building provides a second line of defense against vandalism and damage. Romtec Utilities control buildings can also come with an anti-graffiti coating on the block to greater reduce the effects of vandalism and keep with the desired aesthetic of an area. The electrical controls and other components in the control building also benefit from protection from the elements. Drops in temperature as well as very high temperatures can put stress on electrical equipment, and many manufacturers recommend optimal operating temperatures for components. Control buildings with temperature control systems optimize performance of the equipment and prevent odor control additives from freezing. Freezing can put strain on pipes and cause them to burst, regardless of pipe material.

Control Building Supplied by Romtec Utilities as an Addition to a Lift Station

Romtec Utilities has supplied control buildings for lift stations and booster stations nationwide. With each job, we’ve gained experience and knowledge to build our expertise. Romtec Utilities incorporates the design of the structure in order to completely integrate the system controls and equipment. Working with the structure design will better ensure that all components can fit safely and securely inside the building. Providing the equipment layoutalso means that working clearance requirements will be emphasized and adequate space and accessibility will exist to help provide ease of installation for replacement components.

Compact Control Building and Lift Station

With Romtec Utilities, all proper working clearances will be incorporated. All equipment will be mounted and structurally secured. Any necessary HVAC requirements are also taken into account to ensure the building is properly heated, cooled, and ventilated. Louvers will be provided to ensure the building receives enough ventilation while an interior generator is running (if applicable), and all exhaust will be properly routed and vented as well. Romtec Utilities greatest concern is safety, and we make sure that control building safety is a priority.
For districts throughout Idaho, such as Sun Valley Water & Sewer District, the City of Boise, Eagle District Wastewater, or South Lake Recreational Water and Sewer District, Romtec Utilities recommends control buildings to fight the weather and defend the life of every lift station and booster station. The benefits to safety, security, and longevity make control buildings worth the investment.

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