What are the differences between sealed and non-sealed plug valves?


Sealed and non-sealed plug valves each accomplish the same function in the system, but site layout and price can determine which type is used in the design. Site layout determines whether a valve vault is even a possibility. Valve vaults take up space, and some project sites do not allow for much construction outside the wet well. When a valve vault is not feasible, plug valves are located in the ground outside of the wet well, and are accessible through valve boxes, aka cans. These valve boxes allow for the operators to access the sealed valves and to manually change the valve parameters. While sealed valves are more expensive than non-sealed valves, the cost of a valve vault is far more expensive than using sealed valves with cans. When a valve vault is part of the design, non-sealed plug valves can be used. These valves are protected within the valve vault and are completely accessible to the lift station operators. However, some customers still want sealed service plug valves within a valve vault in case the vault were to flood.