What are the disadvantages of surface mounted pumps?


Surface mounted pumps present disadvantages when designed into a lift station. The main disadvantage is that the pumps are at grade, making them visible, unprotected, and un-muffled. Depending on the location of the site, the visibility and noise the pumps create could become a big issue. If the lift station was designed to service a large subdivision, the nearby houses could be affected by the noise of the pumps and/or generator starting up and running, and the visual of a large mechanical system as part of their setting. Leaving the pumps at grade also requires some sort of protection, possibly a fence or shelter that could also be visually unattractive and is certainly an added cost. Another disadvantage is the added head to the system. The pumps are now forced to pull the water from the bottom of the wet well up to grade and then push it to the force main discharge. This must be accounted for in the design of the lift station.