When do I know if I need explosion proof pumps?


Typically the type of water and the classification of the space are the main factors in deciding when to use explosion proof pumps. In the majority of wastewater applications, explosion proof pumps are preferred so that gases coming off the water cannot trigger an explosion. Industrial water applications can also require explosion proof pumps, such as with oily water, chemical water, cleaning water, and more. With clean water and most stormwater scenarios, explosion proof pumps are typically not required or necessary. The designations for a hazardous area may also require explosion proof equipment be included in a pump station. Typically, these areas will be Class I, Division I, but other designations – like zones– can have the same impact. Aside from these common situations, there are additional factors that may require the inclusion of explosion proof pumps. Romtec Utilities will help guide you in the process of selecting the appropriate pumps for any possible scenario.