Design Criteria Specification Drawing from Romtec Utilities

Lift Station Design Help from Romtec Utilities

Design Criteria Specification Drawing from Romtec Utilities

Each lift station project is unique. Whether you are pumping wastewater, stormwater, industrial water, or clean water, Romtec Utilities provides expert design services for every type of pumping application. Our design services go beyond simply meeting pumping requirements, design criteria, and design standards. With Romtec Utilities, you get an experienced company that knows how to design lift stations in wide-ranging circumstances. Many lift station designs are created by working with multiple agencies, solving unique water circumstances, providing correct electrical plans, and other significant advantages.

In many lift station projects, the owner works with several agencies that are not lift station experts. These agencies can be engineering firms, general contractors, architects, subcontractors, government organizations, and more. To create a successful lift station project, it is important to communicate with each agency involved to create a clear path from the design phase through construction to lift station start-up and training. A lift station design can only be successful when it is conceived in the total scope of a construction project with every entity involved.

On a recent project for the Union Pacific Railroad in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Romtec Utilities provided this type of design work on five total lift stations. This project involved the Union Pacific Railroad Company (owner), CH2M Hill (site/reviewing engineers), Wyoming Efficiency Contractors, Inc. (installer), and two electrical subcontractors for panel wiring and heat tracing. Working with these agencies, Romtec Utilities designed two lift stations for stormwater, two lift stations for wastewater, and one wastewater lift station retrofit with all documentation required. With these designs, Romtec Utilities was also selected as the package lift station provider on this large project.

Many lift station designs are required to meet typical water conditions, but frequently, water conditions can become unique and difficult to design for without sufficient experience. Many common lift station problems can be eliminated by accounting for water conditions on the front end of the design. This can include the presence of solids, the solids to water ratio, oily water, corrosive water, high or low temperature water, and many other unique conditions. Functional lift station designs can be created for long-term operation with an accurate knowledge of the water to be pumped and design experience with the specific water conditions.

Romtec Utilities has designed lift stations for all sorts of unique water conditions. On a recent project for BAE Systems, stainless steel self-priming pumps were required for acetic water pumping. At a liquid natural gas plant for Utica Midstream, three Romtec Utilities stormwater lift stations were designed to handle potentially oily water in the case of a spill. For the University of Washington Husky Stadium remodel, a wastewater lift station was needed with the ability to process large solids. These are just a few examples where unique water conditions were handle through Romtec Utilities with industrial water, stormwater, and wastewater projects.

Electrical engineering is another crucial aspect of each Romtec Utilities lift station design. Understanding the complete electrical requirements for a lift station involves both expertise and experience with a wide range of devices and site conditions. This can include aspects like the relationship of pump horsepower to three-phase or single-phase utility power. It can also include understanding when and how to use various level controllers, variable frequency drives, or soft starters to manage current inflow during pump starts. There are a lot of important details with electrical engineering for lift stations that can prevent a lot of headaches when designed correctly the first time.

Romtec Utilities electrical engineering is also careful to provide electrical controls suitable for each lift station owner. Romtec Utilities has worked with many municipalities and private entities from gigantic multinational corporations to rural American towns. Each customer maintains different sets of skills, experiences, and preferences for how they operate their lift station. Romtec Utilities always works to advise customers on systems that will be adequate to their needs, abilities, and preferences. We can do this because we have the experience and knowledge to understand what makes a successful electrical design for a lift station.

Nationwide design experience is a quality that Romtec Utilities brings to every new project, ensuring that each lift station is done correctly for all national, state, and local codes and design standards. Romtec Utilities combines all structural, mechanical, electrical, and communications engineering into a single design document. Getting a complete lift station design is a real advantage that is difficult to find.

It is also difficult to find a company with a singular focus on pump and lift stations. Romtec Utilities only works on lift station projects, building constant experience with these systems that goes well beyond what is commonly available. Finally, Romtec Utilities is non-exclusive to any brand of any lift station components. Romtec Utilities does this to make certain that each lift station gets the best available components to meet the design criteria and the preferences of the customer.

Romtec Utilities advocates that the best process for getting a lift station is by teaming up with a company like Romtec Utilities that can manage a project from preliminary designs all the way through start-up and warranty. Engineers, developers, industrial plants, municipalities, and private organizations all frequently choose to team up with Romtec Utilities to get the nation’s best lift stations.

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