Shea Center Stormwater Pump System Installation

Project Update: Cordata Development Lift Station Completed

Shea Center Stormwater Pump System Installation

Romtec Utilities recently completed start-up services for the Cordata development wastewater lift station in Bellingham, Washington. The City of Bellingham recently increased its charter to incorporate new land for development. The Cordata neighborhood is one of the fastest growing areas. In order to accommodate the speed of this development, Romtec Utilities designed and supplied the complete structural, mechanical, electrical, and on-site support services for this new wastewater lift station, saving the developer time on this aspect of the project.

Romtec worked with Larrabee Springs, Jones Engineering, Ram Construction, and the City of Bellingham to design and supply this sewer pumping system. The developer, Larrabee Springs, needed a wastewater lift station to handle the sewage flows from the new residences in order to construct the new units. Any lift station design needed to meet the City of Bellingham’s standards in order to be approved. The City maintains very high standards for wastewater lift stations, which can potentially slow a developer down. Romtec Utilities excels at meeting city standards across the country, and Larrabee Springs and its project engineer, Jones Engineering, were able to get a lift station design that would meet their needs and get approval from the City.

After the lift station designs were approved, Romtec worked with the awarded installation contractor, Ram Construction, to provide an accurate quote and to meet its bid. Romtec Utilities also worked with Ram Construction to meet its timelines for delivery and installation. Additionally, an on-site construction advisor was provided by Romtec Utilities to support the installing contractor, ensuring a smooth installation process. After installation, Romtec Utilities started-up the system for the first time with representatives from the City and the project engineering firm to verify correct operation, conduct training, and begin warranty on the complete system.

Romtec Utilities is a great solution for developers such as Larrabee Springs that need a pumping system as a part of a new development. On a project such as the Cordata Development, Romtec Utilities helps get these systems designed, approved, supplied, and started-up quickly to help developers move forward with construction. This project is just another example of a successful lift station project for a new development where meeting city standards was a top design priority.

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