Basin Electric Power Cooperative - Clean Water Industrial Pumping System

Romtec Utilities Design and Engineering Savings

Basin Electric Power Cooperative - Clean Water Industrial Pumping System

Romtec Utilities provides expert design and engineering services on each of our pumping systems. These services are complementary to our customers when they purchase a lift station package from us. By offering design and engineering services as part of our packaged pump system, our customers get substantial cost savings on their project. This process also provides time savings for our customers because Romtec Utilities only designs and manufactures pumping systems, so we get your design and supply right the first time.

The traditional approach for getting a pumping system begins by hiring and engineering firm. This agency evaluates your site conditions and designs a system to meet the criteria. Next, the design drawings and site criteria are developed into a RFP or RFI (Request For Proposal or Request For Information). Contractors bid the specifications to meet the design and then work to supply and construct the system. In many circumstances, this process can be flawed because the engineering firm and the contractor do not understand the full scope of designing and supplying a pumping system. Romtec Utilities is unique because we design and supply the complete system.

Romtec Utilities offers complementary design services because we do not have to review and revise another design to ensure it works. When we design a pumping system, we know it will work, so it actually saves our engineering staff time to do the work from the beginning. This is no discredit to our nation’s engineering firms because pumping systems are the only product that Romtec Utilities offers. In many cases, engineering firms prefer this approach so that they are able to focus on other areas of a project.

After the design process, Romtec Utilities builds your pumping system package. We have knowledge of national suppliers both large and small of all the components that make up these systems. This knowledge and expertise allows our engineering and purchasing staff to provide your system as a design and as a fully function system of real components with associated costs. When we design your system, we know that it is designed with available components that are reliable and documented and that will meet your project’s budget. We also manufacture a number of proprietary components specifically designed to speed installation and aid pump system management.

The understanding of both the system design and the component supply allows Romtec to complete your project very quickly. Our customers will not be delayed by any differences between design and supply because we only design what we know we can build. In addition to complementary design services, time savings are another way that you get more from Romtec Utilities. Call us today or send us an email to talk about your project to see how Romtec Utilities design and engineering services can benefit you and your project.

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