Romtec Utilities Services after a Purchase

Romtec Utilities offers our customers comprehensive documentation and services on every pump and lift station system. These advantages are provided in addition to our complete design and engineering services by industry experts and to the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping of the pumping system. After a system is designed, approved, and purchased, a process then takes the system from designs to a complete supply package with scope documents, installation and start-up services, and operation and maintenance manuals.

During the lift station design phase, a submittal document is created. This document includes the AutoCAD drawings, site plans with equipment layout, component specifications, and scope designations. This document specifies the complete system hardware and all of the services that go into delivering and constructing it. Once it is approved as the design of record and the customer provides written notice to proceed, Romtec Utilities manufactures the system as defined by the submittal document. The scope clearly explains which components Romtec Utilities manufactures and supplies and which components are supplied by the customer or contractor. This process creates a supply package that fits within the scope of the contractor or project manager for construction of the system.

After delivery of the pump or lift station supply package, construction of the system can begin. The Romtec Utilities submittal document provides the necessary component specifications to install the complete system, but often times there are circumstances where expertise with these types of systems can be beneficial during construction. Romtec Utilities provide an on-site technician to advise during the construction process. Our technician can help with the use of our documentation and can also make recommendations about time-savings procedures and other best practices. The technician is not there to direct any construction activities, but is simply an available resource to support the construction process.

A start-up technician is provided by Romtec Utilities to start the system for the first time. This technician is helpful for a variety of reasons. First off, our technician can diagnose any problems small or large during the start-up and is capable of resolving the issue onsite during the start-up procedure. Secondly, the start-up technician makes any problems with the system a Romtec Utilities responsibility. This absolves the customer from having to worry about components issues that might include shipping damage or factory defects. Finally, the start-up technician provides training to the pump or lift station operators. Our technician can answer all questions about the system and provide hands-on training with the controls and system components.

After all of these services, Romtec Utilities provides operation and maintenance manuals (O&M) to the customer to document the complete, as-built system. Additionally after the previous services, Romtec Utilities completely warranties the system typically for one year. The O&M manual helps system operators by breaking down the complete system and its various components with every manufacturer, specification, and performance descriptions. The system owners and operators can use the O&M document to ensure the long-term functionality of their pump or lift station.

Romtec Utilities provides an entire department to manage your project after a pumping system is purchased. The services we provide make sure that each system gets an exact supply package delivered on-time and ready for construction. Then we help the process from construction through start-up and all the way to operation and training. With these services, not only do our customers get a complete pump or lift station system designed and engineered by industry experts, but they also get an experienced team that coordinates every aspect of the system all the way through start-up and warranty.

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