Rincon Point of the City of Carpinteria

Septic Replacement Considerations

Rincon Point of the City of Carpinteria

Romtec Utilities knows that a common project scenario is replacing an aging septic system with a lift station to pump into a municipal sewer system. Sometimes these projects are straightforward and other times they require more consideration. There are some things to consider before going down the path of a septic replacement, and Romtec Utilities can help during any phase of your project.

The first consideration for replacing a septic system with a wastewater lift station is how the sewage will be collected. Typically, a gravity system needs to be designed and installed, but in some applications, gravity lines are already in-place or individual home pump systems are installed. Finding out how to collect the sewage at a new lift station location and where the new lift station will be located are important first steps to replacing a septic system.

A Complete Wastewater Lift Station Site

Another thing to consider while evaluating the collection system is who is in and who is out of the new system. This is particularly true when it comes to new subdivisions and residential lots. Part of the question is which existing buildings will drain to the new wastewater lift station. The other part of the question is if there will be future buildings draining to the lift station. Residential developments and planned communities are typically expanded over time. Will these expansions need to be handled by the new lift station or not?

After you figure out where all the sewage is coming from, it is necessary to identify where the sewage is going to be pumped. This will help with the force main design of the new lift station. Finding out where you can “tap in” to the municipal sewer system will also define where a new lift station is located. On some sites, the lift station may only have one possible location. On other sites, there may be multiple possible locations for the lift station. Evaluating the correct location can have far-reaching impacts on the cost of a wastewater lift station.

Installation of a Wet Well Inside an Existing Sump

The final consideration to make is what to do with the septic system after it is decommissioned. Septic systems can be abandoned (and filled) in-place, removed, and sometimes lift stations can be installed inside the existing septic pit. Having a plan for decommissioning the septic system after it is replaced is a good idea, and most cities and counties have policies that must be followed when decommissioning a septic tank.

Romtec Utilities works on projects all the time to replace septic systems with a sewer lift station to pump to municipal treatment. Often times, these projects are straightforward, but there are many details to consider and it can be very beneficial to have help from an expert throughout the entire process. Contact Romtec Utilities if you are considering a septic replacement, and we will help you with your project from the beginning design phases all the way through the start-up and warranty of your new wastewater lift station.

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