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Suncadia pump station installation

Lift Station InstallationRomtec Utilities contracted with Suncadia, LLC in Cle Elum, Washington to install a pump station. The pump station will address the needs of a prestigious and growing vacation resort community, nestled in the Central Cascades between Seattle and Spokane. Italics Construction of Portland, Oregon was selected as the Primary Subcontractor. Italics was chosen for their vast experience and efficiency on underground projects. They did not disappoint and were on site and moving quickly, clearing, grubbing and preliminary excavating on Monday, May 3rd as the northwest wind blew snow flurries all day.

By the time I arrived Tuesday evening, the Italics crew under the supervision of RU Project Manager Jerry Wilkison, had already cleared and grubbed the site. They finished the preliminary excavation, begun trenching the connection to the force main, and located the key tie-ins and elevations. The crew began work at dawn on Wednesday with almost two days in hand at sub-freezing temperatures. Jerry and I shot elevations and the crew continued work on the trenching and laying of the pipe for connection to the force main, excavation of the massive hole for the wet well, pig launcher, and valve vault.

Pump station installation

Ed Baird, Project Engineer for Suncadia, LLC visited the site later that morning and we had a chance to meet after spending time finalizing the contract terms on the phone. Ed was instrumental in expediting the process and paperwork on his end, which made it easy for us to schedule timely on our end. He continued to visit the site daily to ensure that whatever issues may occur would be resolved quickly. By mid day on Friday, the majority of the work had been accomplished in preparation for the delivery of the pump station the following Tuesday.

All in all it was a great experience in an absolutely breath taking area of the country, complete with elk herds and snow covered peaks. Suncadia is a beautiful place in the western cascades with a brand new pump station designed, supplied and constructed by Romtec Utilities.

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