Vendor Spotlight: Garden State Precast

Romtec Utilities designs, supplies, and constructs pump and lift station systems nationally. One of the ways that we are able to do this competitively while based in Oregon is by using many national vendors to meet our system specifications. The majority of Romtec Utilities pumping systems include precast concrete components. These materials are integral to the functionality and lifespan of a pump or lift station, but they are also heavy and can be costly to ship. Romtec Utilities recently began working with Garden State Precast to supply precast concrete components for pumping system projects on the East Coast.

Currently, Romtec Utilities is working on a project with DJs Mechanical out of Monroe Township, NJ. The project is a new wastewater lift station for the Lakehurst portion of the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst near Trenton, NJ. Romtec Utilities chose to use Garden State Precast to supply the precast concrete wet well and valve vault for this project. Garden State Precast was provided as a referral from another component vendor that said they had the capabilities to manufacture high-quality, affordable concrete for pump and lift station systems.

For Romtec Utilities, there are several features that need to be included in the precast concrete components for our pumping systems. These features include a specific type of barrel joint, a monolithic base slab, custom guide brackets, lifting clutches, precast hatches, a precast crane-mount, and precast pump discharge elbows. Garden State Precast had the capabilities to include all of these components and a good reputation within the region. These capabilities in addition to the referral from a reputable brand in the industry made using Garden State Precast a good choice for this project.

The pumping system for the Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst needed all of the standard precast concrete features. It also needed to include separate interior and exterior coatings for most of the concrete components. These coatings were able to be applied at Garden State Precast’s manufacturing facilities. After the coatings were applied, the barrel sections were stacked and leak tested as per normal Romtec Utilities procedure. In the end, all the concrete was manufactured in a method and of a quality that Romtec Utilities expects from reliable precast concrete companies.

The Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst wastewater lift station was successfully delivered and installed and will be started up soon. Working with Garden State Precast and DJs Mechanical, this project was able to be completed to the specification and standards of the Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst and of Romtec Utilities. When designing and supplying pump and lift stations nearly 2,500 miles from home, using reliable vendors is very important for completing successful projects.

Romtec Utilities has the design and engineering experience to create pump and lift stations nationally, whether it’s municipal, industrial, commercial, or in this case, on a naval base. The biggest challenge for a project like this is not designing or manufacturing the system. It’s maintaining a low-cost for our customer while also preserving high standards. Garden State Precast was able to help us solve both of these challenges for this project and surely on future East Coast projects.