How does Romtec Utilities suggest lifting a precast concrete wet well into place?


All concrete wet well components are designed to be lifted and set in the excavated hole by use of anchors and ring clutches supplied by Romtec Utilities. The installation contractor will excavate the hole for the wet well, place the base rock as specified by the site engineer, provide a safe OSHA approved cave-in protection method (shoring, and provide a crane of adequate size to lift and set the heaviest piece. The excavation contractor and/or his subcontractor (the company supplying the crane) must provide appropriate lifting cables, straps, chains, and any necessary connection devices to attach the cables to the crane and the ring clutches. Any of the cables, strap, or chains to be used during the lift must be a sufficient length to avoid putting excess pressure on the upper concrete joint, which can potentially damage the concrete. Using a spreader bar on the cables can greater reduce this risk. The base slab is lifted into the hole first and leveled as necessary. All the subsequent risers are lifted into place while sealing the barrel joints, and finally, the top slab is set.