BAE Systems Project Pumping Skid

Featured Project: BAE Systems

BAE Systems Project Pumping Skid

Romtec Utilities is one of the industry’s best options for getting custom pumping system designs like this project designed and supplied for BAE Systems. BAE Systems produces a wide-variety of products that serve primarily military and defense organizations. At its Holston Army Ammunition Plant in Tennessee, BAE had unique criteria for a new pumping system. Due to the sensitive nature of its manufacturing, many aspects of this project could not be disclosed, but Romtec Utilities has worked with several organizations that required discretion. The Romtec Utilities solution for BAE Systems was this skid-mounted, triplex pumping system, but there are several other unique design aspects.

Triplex Pump Skid by Romtec Utilities

This Romtec Utilities pumping skid includes four different above-grade pumps. Three pumps are the same and function as a triplex system. That means that each pump cycles between starts to reduce impact and maintenance; however, one, two, or three pump can operate at a time to cover a wide pumping range. The fourth pump functions as a jockey pump. It collects a smaller flow of liquid that is separate from the primary pumps and handles it exclusively. This unique pump configuration solved the flow requirements for this site.

Assembly of Skid Mounted Pump Assembly

As a skid-mounted system, most of the mechanical and electrical components of the system were designed to be above-grade. To make sure the system functions properly even in freezing weather, the vulnerable skid components were heat-treated. This process involves wrapping the components in a protected heating wire and insulating it. All the pumps, discharge piping, and valves were heat-treated in this way and also included seams where they could be accessed for maintenance and repair.

Siemens PLC, a NEMA 3R Control Panel

Romtec Utilities also designed and supplied the electrical controls for this system. The controls were comprised primarily of a Siemens PLC, a NEMA 3R enclosure, and a pressure transducer and floats for primary and backup level-sensing. The Siemens PLC provided a flexible control solution that could handle the unique design criteria and configuration of this system. The NEMA 3R enclosure provides reliable weather protection with the added ability to handle ice formation. The pressure transducer primary level-sensing device is designed to function in turbulent well conditions without clogging and operate in an intrinsically safe circuit. The controller also included soft starters to reduce the inrush to the pump motors during starts.

This unique skid-mounted was delivered by Romtec Utilities and was easily installed by the customer. A Romtec Utilities field-technician will go to project site to start the system up and provide training to the system operators. This project is yet another example of the excellent design and engineering capabilities of Romtec Utilities to meet site-specific design requirements that are unique. For BAE Systems, Romtec Utilities was able to meet its needs and schedule for its pumping system requirements.

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