Rendering of the Haley St Stormwater Pump Station

Romtec Utilities Brand Availability for Pumping System Components

Rendering of the Haley St Stormwater Pump Station

Romtec Utilities designs, manufactures, supplies, and constructs pumping systems for wastewater, stormwater, industrial process water, and clean water applications. Each pump station is a carefully engineered system of structural, mechanical, and electrical components, and these components can vary greatly from system to system. For each system function, there are many different technologies and brands of components to consider. Often times, pump station owners rely on the pump station design firm to specify the system components; however, some organizations have well-defined standards of technologies and brands to use for their pumping systems. Romtec Utilities has no brand exclusivity and can provide any product or technology on your pumping system.

The benefits of not being exclusive to a specific brand is that each pump station design has more flexibility in terms of cost and functionality. Romtec Utilities has helped a lot of clients get better functioning pumping systems for less money by offering more options on key pump station components. Cost savings on system designs can be a huge factor in influencing design preferences, and Romtec Utilities can value engineer any pump station design. However, Romtec Utilities warranties each of our pumping systems, and we will not recommend or supply components that won’t work.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District Stormwater Pump Station Installation

Pumps are often considered the primary components of a pumping system, and there is a great deal of loyalty and comfort with specific brands of pumps. Additionally, there are several different options for pump technologies that can be used in different applications, but when the technology changes, there is probably a better brand for that type of pump. For example, let’s say in wastewater pumping a municipality always uses “Brand-X submersible pumps”, but for a new wastewater system, chopper pumps are the recommended pumping technology. Brand X is not known for chopper pumps but another brand specializes in choppers. Should the municipality choose to continue specifying Brand X or try a new brand that has better chopper pumps?

Control Panel for the Laughlin Heritage Wastewater Lift Station

This scenario is common because each pump station should be designed as a site-specific system, so it is not always possible to use the same brands and same technologies on every system while getting the best system design. When looking at a complete pumping system, there are many considerations such as the pumping rate, the water chemistry, the available power, the site plan, peaking factor, existing infrastructure, and many more. Each of these considerations can have widespread effects on a system design, requiring changes to pumps, sensors, valves, control panels and more. In these circumstances, it is beneficial for organizations to be informed about what types of technologies are recommended, what brands are available, and the reputation of the devices in question.

Romtec Utilities has no brand preference, which means that we will always provide the best components for your system needs. If you feel like Brand-X submersible pumps is the best fit for your system and organization, Romtec Utilities can supply those pumps, but we will also make sure that you are aware of other brands that have a better product offering for your specific application. The design flexibility of Romtec Utilities is a great advantage for getting the best pumping system for your site.

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