Compact Control Building and Lift Station

Good Pump Station Site Configurations

Compact Control Building and Lift Station

Romtec Utilities has designed, supplied, and installed pump stations in many different sizes and configurations. In a typical project, the size and access to a site are predetermined and usually “set in stone,” and many of the design choices must be made to fit within the existing site plans. Even with site restrictions, there are a lot of good design elements that should be considered for getting the best pump station site configuration. Romtec Utilities helps configure pump and lift station sites to meet our client’s needs and to offer the best usability for its operators.

The first thing to consider on a pump station site is to consider adding a weather protection structure. There are many different degrees of weather protection, ranging from simple shade structures up to fully integrated control buildings. Choosing between which structure to choose can depend on the size of the site, the municipal standards, project budget, and other considerations, but if possible, it is a good idea to include some type of a weather protection structure.

Lift Station with Adequate Lighting

These structures benefit the operation and maintenance of pump and lift station systems by providing a dry, controlled place to access controls. They also keep weather out of sensitive components. Even simple protection from the sun and heat can dramatically improve the life span of system components. Structures can also provide space to mount other beneficial features to pump and lift stations like lighting.

Lighting is an important feature for a good site configuration. With or without a control building or structure, providing reliable permanent lighting is a good idea. If a pump station experiences problems in the middle of the night or during inclement weather, on-site lighting can make operating the pump station or conducting inspections much easier for personnel. Romtec Utilities can provide lighting inside the control panel for easy operation and inspection of the controls, but it can be helpful to have more lighting available outside of the panel to work on or inspect other components onsite.

Lift Station Enclosure with Shelter

Another great addition to a pump or lift station site is creating vehicle access. Providing vehicle access offers several benefits. The most obvious benefit is access for personnel and their work vehicles, offering easy access to tools and other equipment. Vehicle access can also help with maintenance procedures of some pump and lift stations, where a vehicle winch can be used to lift submersible equipment out of the wet well. Finally, vehicle access can provide an easy opportunity for bypass pumping if it is ever required. If the pumps go offline or there is another lift station emergency, bypass pumping through a pumping skid, trailer, or a pumping vehicle may be required and can be much easier with vehicle access on your site.

Every pump and lift station site is a little bit different, and these recommendations can be the difference between a problem station and an easy to operate station. By providing features like control buildings and weather protection structures, exterior lighting, and vehicle access, your station will be easier to operate. Romtec Utilities gets our client the site configuration they need with all design, manufacturing, supply, and installation services available.

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