Control Building with HVAC in Gable

Control Buildings for Pump and Lift Stations

Control Building with HVAC in Gable

Romtec Utilities supplies custom control buildings and shelters for many pump and lift station projects. Control buildings are important features when designed for pump stations, lift stations, booster stations, and all other pumping applications. These features provide pump station owners and operators with many advantages that will benefit both the system components and the maintenance staff. Romtec Utilities recommends including control buildings as a part of pump and lift station design standards. Here is why.

One of the first things to consider is security. Often times, pumping systems are located off the beaten path for a variety of reasons. This can make above grade components targets for vandalism and theft. Housing above-grade components in a building greatly reduces the possibility of vandalism to valuable system components, and it also provides a safe option for on-site storage without having to worry about theft.

Affordable Control Building with CMU Exterior

Control buildings also provide several benefits for operating pumping systems. Typically, the components of a pump station are more likely to experience problems during extreme situations. In extreme weather and similar scenarios, operating the pump or lift station from a controlled environment that is well-lit and accessible is a substantial advantage. Control buildings provide access to generators, electrical controls, odor controls, and other above-grade components from a protected environment.

Along with benefits to security and system operation, control buildings provide a number of site-specific benefits. Romtec Utilities control buildings are all durable, concrete block structures that are designed to meet the specific configuration needs of each client. These buildings can be configured for onsite equipment storage, sound attenuation, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), backup power, odor control, computer/network terminals, or simply better site aesthetics.

Metal Roof on Control Building

Control buildings vary greatly from project to project because of the different priorities and codes relative to each customer and location. This is why Romtec Utilities frequently recommends addressing the priorities for your site and establishing a standard configuration for both the control building and for the complete pumping system. Many municipal and private customers maintain lift station design standards to construct identical control buildings to have consistency throughout their operation and maintenance plans and procedures.

Control buildings are becoming an integral piece to providing reliable, consistent, and safe working conditions for pump and lift stations. Romtec Utilities can help develop standards and make recommendations, or we can work to learn your standard and design and supply pumping systems and control buildings to meet your specifications.

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