Large Wet Well Installation

Why Precast Concrete Wet Wells?

The Benefits of Precast Concrete Wet Wells

Large Wet Well Installation

The world of pump stations isn’t glamourous, but it’s an industry that holds incredible importance when keeping our communities safe and clean from hazardous wastewater. They are a big responsibility, and can be complex systems that people don’t want to buy or entities don’t want to maintain, however they are necessary for our society to function. Romtec Utilities can supply pump stations for a wide variety of applications, including wastewater, storm water, and industrial water uses and, as a single source design and supply entity, we are able to control a wide variety of system variables that make it easier for our customers to get the pump station they need.

One of the first variables (and largest) is the wet well, which collects all of the water and houses important mechanical. Romtec Utilities offers the best product for the application, and has cultivated relationships with a variety of wet well suppliers nationwide. We can supply traditional precast wet wells, polymer wet wells, high-end fiberglass wet wells, steel, stainless steel and so on. All of these materials are effective wet well materials, with all having their own pros, cons, and best applications. Polymer wet wells and fiberglass wet wells are increasing in popularity, but Romtec Utilities supplies a large number of lift stations that utilize a traditional concrete wet well because they are cost efficient, offer a greater amount of quality control, and are more readily available across the US

Traditional precast concrete wet wells, when compared to polymer and fiberglass wet wells, are the most cost efficient and widely available option. Both Fiberglass and Polymer wet wells feature a higher price tag, and may not be the best option for a project when considering application, budget, etc. While they may be the most budget friendly option, Romtec Utilities ensures that the precast wet wells supplied in our systems are of the highest quality.


As a nationwide supplier, Romtec Utilities experts have vetted pre-casters across the Unites States for the best quality wells that can be easily quality checked and prepared for installation at our own production facility. The wet well barrels are shipped from our vendors to our production facility where our experts inspect, coat (if applicable), and (if needed) repair the wet well before shipping to the job site.

One way that precast wet wells are more time efficient than other materials is the capability to have Romtec Utilities personnel work on the structure as it is received.

Shipping the wet wells to our facility, allows Romtec Utilities to perform important preparation work to make the project more time efficient. Traditional concrete is more workable than most other wet well material types such as polymer and fiberglass wet wells, and is easier for us to customize and fix if necessary. As we receive the wet well base and barrels, Romtec Utilities experts can apply coatings, pre-align and core holes, and even align and install in well components such as discharge elbows, support brackets, inlet structures, and guide rail brackets before shipment of the wet well to the job site

Production Team

The preparation above can greatly reduce the time and effort onsite to install the wet well, and prevents errors that can happen during coring or installation in the field. Errors in the field can be costly and time consuming to fix, and can drastically alter the timeline of the project. Romtec Utilities even goes as far as to pre-align the wet well barrels and place pins and brackets that allow for easy clocking of the wells when placing and faster installation times for the installing contractor, for an overall more successful project.

Traditional Concrete wet wells will always have a place in the pump station industry because of their price point, quality, workability, and the preparation services that Romtec Utilities can provide before shipment. By understanding our building materials, and their benefits and drawbacks, Romtec Utilities can make buying a pump station easier for our customers, and keep our communities safe, clean, and growing.

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