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Installing a Lift Station as Part of a Larger Project

Owning and operating a pump station for any type of water is a process that starts with designing and engineering the system. Then, the pump station components must be manufactured, delivered, and installed. Finally, the complete system must be started up and maintained throughout its life-cycle. A frequent concern for pump station owners is identifying who is responsible for resolving issues when a pump station does not function properly.

In a common pump station project, an engineering firm creates designs and calls out various products; then, a contractor will purchase the products and install them per the plans. Frequently, a general contractor subs out areas such as the excavation work, electrical installation, and the system start-up. With this many participants, it can be difficult for an owner to establish a responsible party for resolving issues with the pump station. This can result in extra expenses for the owner because it can be very difficult to get assistance after a pump station is installed.

With Romtec Utilities, every complete pump station is covered with a standard one-year warranty. Additionally, Romtec Utilities provides all start-up services, operator training, and comprehensive operation and maintenance documents. These extended services can be a tremendous advantage for pump station owners and operators because they provide a single partner with expert knowledge on the particular system.

Ownership of a pump station requires at least one dedicated person capable of performing occasional services. Romtec Utilities recommends discussing responsibilities and related personnel in the early stages of a pump station project. Using a dedicated operator with the warranty and training services provided by Romtec Utilities is a great process for getting long term pump station operation and maintenance.

This support is provided to ensure that every pump and lift station project is successful from the start. These services also help Romtec Utilities and our clients build long-term working relationships around delivering the best products for each site-specific project. Romtec Utilities is confident that every package lift station we provide is designed correctly to meet each client’s goals.

Contact Romtec Utilities to discuss how a warranty will improve the life cycle of your pump station project!

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