Sutter Medical Center|Santa Rosa, CA|90 GPM - 25.1' TDH

jweddell50gpm - 100gpm, Hospitals, Odor Control, Pacific, Wastewater

The construction of this new hospital required a package lift station system to handle medium flows of wastewater. This comprehensive system includes five below-grade vaults. Four concrete vaults comprise the valve vault, metering vault, odor control vault, and wet well. Additionally, an 18,000 gallon fiberglass vault was included as an overflow tank for emergency backup storage. Tsurumi cutter pumps in a duplex configuration start and stop pumping cycles on level with primary and backup float controls. The outdoor UL listed control panel controls the total operation of the system valves, meters, sensors, pumps, and additional electrical.

Public Animal Shelter|Berkeley, CA|75 GPM - 25' TDH

jweddell50gpm - 100gpm, Hospitals, Pacific, Wastewater

A newly constructed public animal shelter required this package lift station to meet low sewage flows with additional animal waste. The difficulties associated with pumping animal waste required submersible solids-handling pumps in a duplex configuration. Variable frequency drives were included for electric phase conversion in order to utilize the appropriate pumps with the available power. A UL listed control panel includes float controls for liquid level-sensing and an autodialer with a basic alarm for emergency notifications.

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital|Santa Barbara, CA|1,095 - 21.5' TDH

jweddell1,000gpm - 5,000gpm, Hospitals, Pacific, Stormwater, Stormwater Runoff

This simple package lift station was designed to handle the medium flows of stormwater at this hospital facility. Submersible centrifugal pumps in a duplex configuration alternate pump starts or can both operate in high stormwater events. The pumps are protected from inflows by an HDPE deflector panel. There is a below-grade electrical junction box in a concrete vault. System controls were designed with a UL listed control panel, float controls for liquid level-sensing, a basic alarm, and an autodialer for telecommunications.