Clark County Water Reclamation District

Clark County Water Reclamation District | Las Vegas, NV | 70 GPM - 47' TDH

jweddell50gpm - 100gpm, Corrosive/ Caustic Pumping, Municipal, Municipal Collection, Odor Control, Pacific, Residential, Residential Development, Sewer System Expansion, Urban Growth, Wastewater

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied a wastewater lift station for a housing development in Las Vegas, Nevada. Romtec Utilities worked with the developer, Summit Club Nevada, and the local water authority, Clark County Water Reclamation District (CCWRD), to design the system according to their design requirements.

City of San Mateo Seal

Bay Meadows | San Mateo, CA | 1218 GPM - 96' TDH

jweddell1,000gpm - 5,000gpm, Apartment Complexes, Commercial Development Sewer, Design and Engineering, Meter Vaults, Mixed Use Development, Municipal Collection, Now & Future Expansions, Odor Control, Pacific, Residential Development, Urban Growth, Wastewater

After the historic Bay Meadows racetrack closed down, a large residential development began that required this large wastewater lift station. A triplex configuration of 30 hp Flygt pumps handles the high flow rates of this system. A blower system was provided as part of the lift station odor control specified by the City. The lift station electrical controls comprised a PLC, float control level-sensors, and a backup generator. The panel includes an Arc Armor® enclosure that provides safe access to low-voltage controls and separate access for high-voltage circuits.

Sutter Medical Center|Santa Rosa, CA|90 GPM - 25.1' TDH

jweddell50gpm - 100gpm, Hospitals, Odor Control, Pacific, Wastewater

The construction of this new hospital required a package lift station system to handle medium flows of wastewater. This comprehensive system includes five below-grade vaults. Four concrete vaults comprise the valve vault, metering vault, odor control vault, and wet well. Additionally, an 18,000 gallon fiberglass vault was included as an overflow tank for emergency backup storage. Tsurumi cutter pumps in a duplex configuration start and stop pumping cycles on level with primary and backup float controls. The outdoor UL listed control panel controls the total operation of the system valves, meters, sensors, pumps, and additional electrical.

Seal of the City of Santa Barbara

City of Santa Barbara | Santa Barbara, CA | 275 GPM - 17' TDH

jweddell100gpm - 300gpm, Control Buildings Shelters, First Flush, Flood Control, Odor Control, Pacific, Stormwater, Stormwater Runoff, Valve Vaults

The City of Santa Barbara needed this packaged pump station to manage low stormwater flows from events that occur during the dry season. Duplex submersible pumps capable of passing a 3-inch solid pump the water into an existing sanitary sewer pressure main and on to treatment. This pump station includes an in-ground valve vault with plug and check valves and stainless steel discharge piping to handle oily or contaminated water conditions. Romtec Utilities supplied the complete electrical controls with liquid level sensing, alarm notifications, pump start and stop cycles, above-grade disconnect stand, and intrinsically safe circuits.