US Army, Fort Lewis, Washington

U.S. Army Base
Fort Lewis, WA
100 GPM - 10' TDH

50gpm - 100gpm, Industrial, Military Installations, Oil/Water Separators, Pacific

This package lift station in Fort Lewis was configured to meet the medium flow requirements for a federal industrial process system with stormwater to treatment. Submersible centrifugal pumps are protected from turbulence by a drop bowl. A below-grade concrete electrical vault holds the disconnect panel and electrical connections. A drain-pipe allows this vault to double as a stormwater drain for the area around the lift station. An outdoor UL listed control panel includes a basic alarm, floats for liquid level-sensing, and a NEMA rated enclosure.

Aliamanu Military Reserve in Hawaii

U.S. Army Base
Kalaheo, HI
74 GPM - 85' TDH

50gpm - 100gpm, Military Installations, Mixed Use, Municipal Collection, Residential Development, Wastewater

Serving the US Army Base, Fort Shafter, this military neighborhood needed a lift station replacement package to be installed adjacent to the existing lift station. The Army and Romtec Utilities configured this submersible centrifugal pump station to pump the medium flow of municipal wastewater. The outdoor control panel utilizes conductive probes for primary and backup level controls and an autodialer for communications. A new generator was installed at grade above an existing generator pit. The owner supplied shelters for the panel and onsite generator.