Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Federal Training Center
Bruswick, GA
40 GPM - 15' TDH

5gpm - 50gpm, Eastern, Military Installations, Municipal Collection, Municipal Lift Station Replacement, Wastewater

This was a true lift station replacement by installing a new package lift station “in the hole” of the removed wet well. Submersible pumps in a duplex configuration were included to meet the low sewage flows from the federal training facility. The system valves were installed in the discharge piping inside the wet well to reduce cost and simplify the system. An outdoor alternator panel handles the controls for this package lift station. It was designed with floats for liquid level sensing and a basic alarm.

Logo for the Pacific Convenience & Fuels

Pacific Convenience & Fuels
Shingle Springs, CA
15 GPM - ' TDH

5gpm - 50gpm, Mixed Use Development, Pacific, Wastewater

The construction of a new gas station and convenience store required this low flow sewage lift station. Goulds submersible grinder pumps in a duplex configuration are designed to macerate and pump wastewater that contains solids or fabric materials without becoming clogged. The complete valve assembly is vertically oriented and contained within the wet well discharge piping. An outdoor UL listed control panel contains an intrinsically safe barrier for in-well electrical, floats for level-sensing controls, and a NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure.

V.C. Summer Nuclear Station

V.C. Summer Nuclear Station
Jenkinsville, SC
35 GPM - 33.6' TDH

5gpm - 50gpm, Eastern, HRSG Blowdown, HRSG Pumping, Industrial, Industrial Water, Power Generation, Process Water

This package lift station was configured to handle low flows of industrial process water used for nuclear power generation. This lift station was one of the earliest systems to be installed during the construction of two new reactors at the plant. Submersible grinder pumps in a duplex configuration and a below grade valve assembly comprise the principal mechanical operations of the station. An outdoor control panel utilizes floats for primary liquid level-sensing, and an autodialer for communications and alarm notification.

Sebastopol California

Burbank Housing
Sebastopol, CA
36 GPM - 26.8' TDH

5gpm - 50gpm, Municipal Collection, Pacific, Residential Development, Sewer System Expansion, Urban Growth, Wastewater

This wastewater lift station was required to hand medium sewage flows from a development neighborhood by Smith River Rancheria, the governing body of the Tolowa Dee-ni’ Tribe. Two Goulds Water Technology 2 hp grinder pumps were used to meet the high head requirements for over 3,000 ft of force main. A owner-supplied control building contains the control panel and an permanent onsite Cummins generator for backup power. A Mercoid pressure transducer provides primary level-sensing controls with Dwyer floats for backup.

Valley Fine Foods

Valley Fine Food Processing
Benicia, CA
45 GPM - 35' TDH

5gpm - 50gpm, Food & Beverage, Pacific, Wastewater

This food processing plant in Benicia, California needed a wastewater lift station to handle combined sewage and process water from the production of pasta. The lift station design included Tsurumi grinder pumps in a duplex configuration. These submersible grinder pumps were included to handle pasta and cheese that occasionally get into the process water. The system electrical controls comprise a standard UL listed panel with float controls for liquid level sensing. The lift station pumps into an existing sewer main and on to treatment.