Plantation Pipe Line Received a Stormwater Pump Station

Plantation Pipe Line|Polk County, GA|175 GPM - 90' TDH

jweddell100gpm - 300gpm, Eastern, Oil & Gas, Stormwater, Stormwater Runoff

This package stormwater lift station was configured to meet the medium runoff flow of this industrial property. One submersible centrifugal pump makes this a simplex station with an in-well check valve. The single pump handles high head conditions caused by 9,000 feet of 4” force main. Additional system valves are located in a below grade valve vault. An outdoor control panel includes floats for liquid level-sensing and a basic alarm for communication. A Thern crane was included with this station to raise and lower the pump.

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

Federal Training Center|Bruswick, GA|150 GPM - 30' TDH

jweddell100gpm - 300gpm, Eastern, Military Installations, Municipal Collection, Municipal Lift Station Replacement, Wastewater

This replacement wastewater lift station was designed to meet the medium sewage flow requirements of this federal training facility. Submersible solids-handling pumps in a duplex configuration pumps the effluent through in-well valves and out a three-inch force main. An outdoor alternator panel handles the controls for this package lift station. It was designed with floats for liquid level sensing and a basic alarm. The wet well is accessible with a traffic-rated hatch.

Assembling of the Concrete Wet Well in a Large Hole

Commercial Development | Newark, DE | 60 GPM - 16' TDH

jweddell50gpm - 100gpm, Apartment Complexes, Eastern, Wastewater

A commercial development in Delaware required this wastewater lift station to handle low flows of sewage from a new fast food restaurant and retail stores. Tsurumi cutter pumps in a duplex configuration macerate solids any in the wastewater to pass through the force main diameter. This lift station pumps a short distance with low head to a nearby gravity collection system that flows to treatment. A UL listed control panel was supplied for complete electrical controls with Nolta Niva floats for in-well liquid level-sensing.