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Clark Regional Wastewater District
Vancouver, WA
82 GPM - 19.7' TDH

50gpm - 100gpm, Industrial, Industrial Process Water featured, Industrial Water, Now & Future Expansions, Pacific, Process Water, Sewer System Expansion, Urban Growth, Wastewater

Located at the northeastern edge of Vancouver on NE 117th Ave, this lift station will service a small industrial development as the city continues to grow and push its borders out. The Nielsen Industrial Subdivision that the sewer lift station will be serving involves roughly four acres of land for industrial construction.


Specht Properties
Vancouver, WA

100gpm - 300gpm, 50gpm - 100gpm, Industrial, Industrial Process Water featured, Industrial Water, Pacific, Process Water, Wastewater, Wastewater Featured

The Portside Phase 3 project was part of a new industrial development by Specht Development. Located in Vancouver, Washington, this industrial development was in need of a wastewater lift station and Perlo Construction, the awarded general contractor, brought this opportunity to Romtec Utilities.

Trans Bay Cable

Trans Bay Cable
Pittsburg, CA
500 GPM - 25' TDH

100-Year Storm, 500gpm - 1,000gpm, Collection Systems, Industrial, Industrial Process Water featured, Industrial Water, Pacific, Process Water, Stormwater, Stormwater Collection, Stormwater Featured, Transportation

Romtec Utilities designed and supplied two stormwater pump stations for a converter station in the City of Pittsburg, California. The two systems are necessary to supply collected stormwater to an onsite water treatment system before being discharged into the nearby bay.

MERCK Animal Health

Merck Animal Health
DeSoto, KS
100 GPM - 21' TDH

50gpm - 100gpm, Central, Corrosive/ Caustic Pumping, Industrial, Industrial Process Water featured, Pharmaceutical Waste

This industrial pumping system was designed to handle medium flows of process wastewater created from cleaning cycles at the Merck Animal Health facility. The wastewater was specified with highly variable pH conditions, so the pumping system was designed with a double-wall fiberglass sump with leak detection. All of the submersible components in the well were constructed of stainless steel, including the Tsurumi duplex submersible pumps. The pumping system electrical controls comprised a UL listed panel with SCADA integration.

Industrial Stormwater Pump Station

British Petroleum Refinery
Bellevue, WA
350 GPM - 30' TDH

300gpm - 500gpm, Industrial, Industrial Process Water featured, Oil & Gas, Oil/Water Separators, Pacific, Stormwater, Stormwater Runoff

This package lift station handles the medium flows of stormwater and process water drainage at this oil refinery. A stormwater plan is required at most industrial facilities and BP proactively chose a reliable lift station to manage its environmental footprint. Duplex submersible centrifugal pumps and a below grade valve assembly comprise the major underground components of this system. An outdoor control panel utilizes float controls and an ultrasonic transducer for primary and backup liquid level-sensing.