California Institute for Men

Chino Men's Prison
Chino, CA
135 GPM - 30' TDH

100gpm - 300gpm, Corrosive/ Caustic Pumping, Meter Vaults, Pacific, Prisons/Detention Centers, Valve Vaults, Wastewater

This package lift station was designed to meet the medium wastewater flows of this California prison. Solids-handling pumps in a duplex configuration are protected from cascading influent by a drop bowl. The liquid level-sensing is controlled by a pressure transducer and a float in used for emergency backup. A below-grade valve assembly holds the system’s valves, flow meters, and pressure gauges. An outdoor PLC panel with a basic alarm and an added input for a radio modem comprise the systems controls.

Husky Stadium

University of Washington
Seattle, WA
346 GPM - 40' TDH

300gpm - 500gpm, Grinder Vault, Municipal Collection, Pacific, Schools, Sewer System Expansion, Slurry/Gritty Water, Valve Vaults, Wastewater, Wastewater Featured

The renovation of the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium required a new lift station to handle medium flows of wastewater. Robust, 10hp Vaughan Chopper pumps were used in a duplex configuration to macerate solids and to pump under unpredictable conditions. The lift station, valve vault, and the access hatches were designed as traffic rated to accommodate loading/unloading next to the main grandstand. The UL listed control panel starts, stops, and alternates each pump cycle at levels measured by Noltaniva float sensors.

Rendering of Pump Station As Installed

City of Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
275 GPM - 17' TDH

100gpm - 300gpm, Control Buildings Shelters, First Flush, Flood Control, Odor Control, Pacific, Stormwater, Stormwater Runoff, Valve Vaults

The City of Santa Barbara needed this packaged pump station to manage low stormwater flows from events that occur during the dry season. Duplex submersible pumps capable of passing a 3-inch solid pump the water into an existing sanitary sewer pressure main and on to treatment. This pump station includes an in-ground valve vault with plug and check valves and stainless steel discharge piping to handle oily or contaminated water conditions. Romtec Utilities supplied the complete electrical controls with liquid level sensing, alarm notifications, pump start and stop cycles, above-grade disconnect stand, and intrinsically safe circuits.

Suncadia Resort

Suncadia Resort
Cle Elum, WA
800 GPM - 175' TDH

500gpm - 1,000gpm, Municipal Collection, Now & Future Expansions, Pacific, Residential Development, Resorts/ Golf Courses, Valve Vaults, Wastewater

A growing resort community with golf courses needed this Romtec Utilities package lift station to meet super high sewage flows with high head conditions. The resort has ample property for expansion and needed a wastewater lift station that would also expand. Two submersible solids handling pumps were included in the original supply, but the mounting hardware for a third pump in a triplex configuration was included to allow easy expansion as more condos are constructed. An outdoor control panel is protected by a shelter and utilizes a pressure transducer and backup floats for liquid level-sensing.