California Institute for Men

Chino Men's Prison|Chino, CA|135 GPM - 30' TDH

jweddell100gpm - 300gpm, Corrosive/ Caustic Pumping, Meter Vaults, Pacific, Prisons/Detention Centers, Valve Vaults, Wastewater

This package lift station was designed to meet the medium wastewater flows of this California prison. Solids-handling pumps in a duplex configuration are protected from cascading influent by a drop bowl. The liquid level-sensing is controlled by a pressure transducer and a float in used for emergency backup. A below-grade valve assembly holds the system’s valves, flow meters, and pressure gauges. An outdoor PLC panel with a basic alarm and an added input for a radio modem comprise the systems controls.

CCA Prison|Pahrump, NV|836 GPM - 72' TDH

jweddell500gpm - 1,000gpm, Pacific, Prisons/Detention Centers, Wastewater

These four package lift stations were designed to meet the high sewage flows of this commercial prison for municipal wastewater standards. Solids-handling pumps in a duplex configuration are aided by an effluent mixer designed to agitate solids inmates put into the system. A dual compartment, below-grade valve assembly holds the complete system valves and flow meters. The PLC panel is tied-in to an onsite generator for emergency backup power. A SCADA system handles liquid level sensing with a pressure transducer and floats for backup.

Milan Federal Prison|Milan, MI|125 GPM - 22' TDH

jweddell100gpm - 300gpm, Central, Prisons/Detention Centers, Pumping Skids, Replacements & Retrofits, Retrofits, Wastewater

Two skid-mounted lift station systems retrofitted two existing stations for medium sewage flows at this federal correctional facility. Preassembled above-grade skids with Pioneer self-priming pumps in duplex configurations drop suction piping into the existing sumps to pump effluent to the existing force mains.