Valley Fine Foods

Valley Fine Food Processing|Benicia, CA|45 GPM - 35' TDH

jweddell5gpm - 50gpm, Food & Beverage, Pacific, Wastewater

This food processing plant in Benicia, California needed a wastewater lift station to handle combined sewage and process water from the production of pasta. The lift station design included Tsurumi grinder pumps in a duplex configuration. These submersible grinder pumps were included to handle pasta and cheese that occasionally get into the process water. The system electrical controls comprise a standard UL listed panel with float controls for liquid level sensing. The lift station pumps into an existing sewer main and on to treatment.

Fresh & Easy Distribution Center

Fresh & Easy Distribution Center|Riverside, CA|170 GPM - 60' TDH

jweddell100gpm - 300gpm, Food & Beverage, Pacific, Wastewater

The expansion of this distribution center for Fresh and Easy food products required a package lift station designed to meet medium wastewater flow requirements. This lift station for the 88-acre storage and supply facility uses an inlet line drop bowl to protect submersible solids-handling pumps in a duplex configuration from cascading influent and turbidity. A below-grade valve vault holds all the valves assembly for two, parallel force mains. An outdoor UL listed control panel utilizes float controls for liquid level-sensing and includes an autodialer for communications.

Laura Chenel?s Ch?vre Cheese Plant|Sonoma, CA|90 GPM - 10.7' TDH

jweddell50gpm - 100gpm, Food & Beverage, Pacific, Wastewater

This gourmet goat cheese plant needed two lift stations configured to handle medium wastewater and industrial flows from the new production plant. Submersible solids handling pumps in duplex configurations are protected from turbulence and cascading influent by an inlet line drop bowl. A below-grade valve vault holds the valves, actuators, and junctions to the force main and, on one station, an included cleanout line. An indoor UL listed control panel contains an intrinsically safe barrier for electrical controls in the wet wells. These two systems were installed at grade for low-profiles.