City of Colton

City of Colton, CA – Stormwater Runoff Pump Station

19.7′ TDH

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City of Colton, CA - Stormwater Runoff Pump Station Project Assets DESIGN DRAWINGS PANEL DESIGN SITE-PLANS Stormwater Runoff Pumping System Project Description West Colton is a neighborhood in Colton, California. Colton is in San Bernardino County and is known as “Hub City” as a suburb of San Bernardino. The population was 53,909 in the 2020 census. The Santa Ana River flows through the area. This city is home to one of the busiest at grade ...

Union Pacific Railroad|Cheyenne, WY|100 GPM - 22' TDH

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The Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne, Wyoming needed two new sewer lift stations to replace its existing sewer collection system. Each lift station included three precast concrete vault structures, a wet well, valve vault, and metering vault. Both systems use 2 hp Ebara Vortex® sewage pumps in duplex configurations that are explosions proof rated for Class I, Division I locations. The valve assemblies comprise Val-Matic Cam-Centric® plug valves and Swing-Flex® check valves with pressure gauges. Endress and Hauser PROline® electromagnetic flow meters measure the sewage flows for both lift stations. These in-ground valve and meter assemblies were fitted with heat tracing to provide reliable frost protection with Raychem and Digitrace components.

Union Pacific Railroad|Cheyenne, WY|4,000 GPM - 25' TDH

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The Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne, Wyoming needed two new stormwater pump stations to replace existing systems. The first station used Ebara 25 hp submersible pumps in a triplex configuration to handle stormwater runoff from a parking lot and additional drains. The second station used Ebara 7.5 hp submersible pumps in a duplex configuration to pump stormwater that drains from the pit of a railway turntable. Both systems include precast concrete valve vaults. Each vault was preassembled with Val-Matic Cam-Centric® plug valves, Val-Matic Swing-Flex® check valves, and Ashcroft pressure gauges. Both stormwater systems discharge into an evaporation pond that was installed as a part of this larger water collection replacement, which also included three additional Romtec Utilities wastewater lift stations.