Utica East Ohio Midstream LNG Plant|Kensington, OH|75 GPM - 67' TDH

jweddell50gpm - 100gpm, Eastern, Oil & Gas, Oil/Water Separators, Stormwater, Stormwater Runoff

Utica East Ohio Midstream needed two new pump stations to handle low flows of stormwater runoff at its new Kensington Plant in Ohio. To responsibly contain potentially hazardous stormwater from the topsoil, these pump stations were designed with double-wall fiberglass wet wells with interstitial leak detection. Both pumping systems included corrosion resistant components and sensors due to the potential presences of LNGs in the stormwater runoff. Pumps were engineered with 7.5 hp Ebara pumps in a duplex configuration, and different impellers were specified for each of the two pump stations meet slightly differing head requirements.

Tesoro Oil and Water Separator Pump

Tesoro Corporation|Port Angeles, WA|400 GPM - 30' TDH

jweddell300gpm - 500gpm, Industrial, Industrial Water, Oil & Gas, Oil/Water Separators, Pacific, Stormwater, Stormwater Runoff

A remote Tesoro Corporation industrial site needed this stormwater pump station to handle water discharged from an oil/water separator which processes on-site runoff. Submersible centrifugal pumps were used in a duplex configuration in this shallow wet well. The 7.5 hp Ebara explosion-proof pumps were sized to meet low flow, medium head conditions for stormwater. Check valves and plug valves were integrated into the discharge piping in the well for a simple and cost-effective design. The precast concrete wet well and the access hatch are both pedestrian rated.