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Clark Regional Wastewater District|Vancouver, WA| 82 GPM - 19.7' TDH

Hannah Duncan50gpm - 100gpm, Industrial Water, Now & Future Expansions, Pacific, Process Water, Sewer System Expansion, Urban Growth

Located at the northeastern edge of Vancouver on NE 117th Ave, this lift station will service a small industrial development as the city continues to grow and push its borders out. The Nielsen Industrial Subdivision that the sewer lift station will be serving involves roughly four acres of land for industrial construction.

United Natural Foods

United Natural Foods Inc.|Vancouver, WA| 187 GPM - 32.8' TDH

jweddell100gpm - 300gpm, Mixed Use Development, Now & Future Expansions, Pacific, Residential Development, Sewer System Expansion

Romtec Utilities was hired to design and supply a wastewater lift station to expand the sewer infrastructure in Ridgefield, WA. The lift station was for an expansion of a commercial distribution center for United Natural Foods, Inc. or UNFI. Clark Regional Wastewater District, CRWWD, is the local water authority and needed to expand its sewer system for future residential development in this area of Ridgefield