Pleasant Valley RV Park

Pleasant Valley RV Park|Williston, ND|844 GPM - 38' TDH

jweddell500gpm - 1,000gpm, Central, Mixed Use Development, Resorts/ Golf Courses, Wastewater

A residential boom town of employees from nearby natural gas mining facilities needed a large lift station to handle over 1.2 MGD of wastewater. Submersible Ebara sewage pumps in a triplex configuration were included for the new and future pumping rates resulting from residential growth. The lift station controls are located in a nearby control building. The UL listed control panel utilizes floats for primary and backup level controls, an autodialer for communications, and a permanent onsite generator for backup power.

City of Laguna Beach

The City of Laguna Beach|Laguna Beach, CA|600 GPM - 77' TDH

jweddell500gpm - 1,000gpm, Collection Systems, Design and Engineering, Grinder Vault, Pacific, Replacements & Retrofits, Slurry/Gritty Water, Wastewater

This high flow wet/dry lift station replacement was installed “in the sand” of Main Beach with three dry pit pumps in a 26-feet-deep precast rectangular vault. Triplex split case pumps, sump pumps, an intake/exhaust fan, lights, valves, stairs, and a mezzanine were all provided in the package. The Allen Bradley PLC control panel, flow transmitter, and junction box are located in a control building. Sophisticated SCADA, 3 levels of redundancy, auxiliary power, and an HDPE wet well are all primary components of this package lift station.