Husky Stadium

University of Washington|Seattle, WA|346 GPM - 40' TDH

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The renovation of the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium required a new lift station to handle medium flows of wastewater. Robust, 10hp Vaughan Chopper pumps were used in a duplex configuration to macerate solids and to pump under unpredictable conditions. The lift station, valve vault, and the access hatches were designed as traffic rated to accommodate loading/unloading next to the main grandstand. The UL listed control panel starts, stops, and alternates each pump cycle at levels measured by Noltaniva float sensors.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

US Marine Corps Base|Camp Pendleton, CA|1,585 GPM - 25' TDH

jweddell1,000gpm - 5,000gpm, Grinder Vault, Military Installations, Municipal Collection, Pacific, Sewer System Expansion, Slurry/Gritty Water, Wastewater

The Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton needed this large wet-dry wastewater lift station to replace an existing system to allow the construction of new enlisted quarters. The new lift station included triplex dry-pit pumps to handle super-high flows of sewage from the facilities. An 8’ diameter precast concrete sump collects the sewage. Suction lines connect the sump to a 200-square-foot rectangular dry pit where the pumps, flow meter, and valve assembly are located. This lift station also includes an upstream grinder pit with a Macho Monster sewage grinder to pulverize solids into passable sizes.

City of Laguna Beach

The City of Laguna Beach|Laguna Beach, CA|600 GPM - 77' TDH

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This high flow wet/dry lift station replacement was installed “in the sand” of Main Beach with three dry pit pumps in a 26-feet-deep precast rectangular vault. Triplex split case pumps, sump pumps, an intake/exhaust fan, lights, valves, stairs, and a mezzanine were all provided in the package. The Allen Bradley PLC control panel, flow transmitter, and junction box are located in a control building. Sophisticated SCADA, 3 levels of redundancy, auxiliary power, and an HDPE wet well are all primary components of this package lift station.