Project Site of the Lakehurst Naval Air Station Wastewater Lift Station

Lakehurst Naval Air Station|Trenton, NJ|250 GPM - 24.77' TDH

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This wastewater lift station was designed to meet the standards of the Lakehurst Naval Air Station while remaining cost effective. A duplex pump configuration utilized submersible 7.5 HP Weil Slicer Pumps to handle suspended solids in the sewage. A UL listed control panel was designed and manufactured in a NEMA 4 enclosure for outdoor operation. Nolta floats were used for the in-well liquid level sensing. The below-grade structural components were designed and supplied precast concrete vaults painted with a marine epoxy exterior coating to prevent moisture incursion.

City of Carpinteria CA

The City of Carpinteria | Caprpenteria, CA | 87 GPM - 158.8' TDH

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An upscale beachside community in California needed this medium flow wastewater lift station to replace septic systems used at each home. To meet the requirements of the beachside location, this system includes Ameron T-Lock PVC lining on both a precast concrete sump and emergency overflow basin. A below-grade vault contains the system’s valve and meter assemblies. Large bluffs between the beach and the city treatment plant required super-high head submersible pumps. The system electrical controls comprise redundant controls and level sensing with SCADA integration.

Kauai Coffee Company|Kauai, HI|9,600 GPM - 415' TDH

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To create new potable water, this lift station pumps clean stormwater from a collection/storage basin to a treatment facility. Duplex vertical turbine pumps move high flows of water very efficiently and use soft starters to reduce torque on the vertical shaft and provide additional pump diagnostics. Also included is an above-grade valve assembly on the top slab. The control panel utilizes an ultrasonic transducer for primary level controls and a pressure transducer for backup. The entire package lift station is located inside an owner-supplied control building.

Industrial Plant with Pumping System

Ajax Natural Gas Plant|Wheeler, TX|200 GPM - 50' TDH

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This package pump station was designed to meet a low flow of industrial process water with added low flows of industrial stormwater. The dual purposes of this pump station required shaft-driven centrifugal pumps with the motors located above-grade.