Shea Center
Huntington Beach, CA
1800 GPM - 28.19' TDH

1,000gpm - 5,000gpm, 100-Year Storm, First Flush, Mixed Use Development, Pacific, Stormwater, Stormwater Collection, Stormwater Runoff

A new 144,000 square feet, two building industrial center needed a large stormwater pump station to handle the runoff from the site. This triplex system includes a fourth, “jockey” pump to handle low flow dry-season runoff. The three large pumps are 20 hp Ebara submersible pumps designed for redundant pumping during high flow events. A pressure transducer serves as the primary level-sensing device and operates inside of a perforated stilling well designed to prevent solids from interfering with the sensor. The electrical controls are configured with a logic relay, intrinsically safe circuits, and communications.

Rendering of Pump Station As Installed

City of Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
275 GPM - 17' TDH

100gpm - 300gpm, Control Buildings Shelters, First Flush, Flood Control, Odor Control, Pacific, Stormwater, Stormwater Runoff, Valve Vaults

The City of Santa Barbara needed this packaged pump station to manage low stormwater flows from events that occur during the dry season. Duplex submersible pumps capable of passing a 3-inch solid pump the water into an existing sanitary sewer pressure main and on to treatment. This pump station includes an in-ground valve vault with plug and check valves and stainless steel discharge piping to handle oily or contaminated water conditions. Romtec Utilities supplied the complete electrical controls with liquid level sensing, alarm notifications, pump start and stop cycles, above-grade disconnect stand, and intrinsically safe circuits.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Lift Station

City of Brawley Water Treatment
Brawley, CA
1,350 GPM - 25' TDH

1,000gpm - 5,000gpm, Control Buildings Shelters, First Flush, Meter Vaults, Municipal Collection, Pacific, Process Water, Treatment Plants, Wastewater, Water Recirculation, Water Reuse

The City of Brawley needed this packaged lift station to handle high flows of wastewater at its municipal treatment plant. 12 HP submersible pumps in a duplex configuration were used to meet the high flow pumping needs and a conductive probe was used for liquid level-sensing. The in-ground valve assembly and meter assembly were each located in separate vault structures for a cost effective design and easy access. An outdoor, UL listed control panel was protected from weather and sunlight by a six-post shelter, which also covers the sump entry hatch and electric disconnect panel.

Industrial Plant with Pumping System

Ajax Natural Gas Plant
Wheeler, TX
200 GPM - 50' TDH

100gpm - 300gpm, Bid Packages, Central, Featured Projects, First Flush, Industrial, Industrial Process Water featured, Industrial Water, Oil & Gas, Oil/Water Separators, Stormwater Runoff, Tech Info

This package pump station was designed to meet a low flow of industrial process water with added low flows of industrial stormwater. The dual purposes of this pump station required shaft-driven centrifugal pumps with the motors located above-grade.